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7 Amazing Facts You Need To Know
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7 Amazing Facts You Need To Know
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chidusky (m)
1485409778 ago
1. The most dangerous feeling is jealousy.
It creates insecurity. Insecurity creates
hatred, and hatred kills you softly.

2. A 5 minute cold shower can “shock” your
body awake – The change in temperature
relieves fatigue and increases mental

3. People are more likely to focus and pay
attention when soft music is playing in the

4. The person on your mind while you’re
unable to sleep is usually responsible for
your happiness, pain or both.

5. Kissing causes the body to release high
amounts of oxytocin, boosting your mood
and lowering levels of stress.

6. Never say “sorry” to another driver after a
car accident. It’s an admission of guilt and
could be used against you in court.
7. The smell of rain can literally relieve

stress and improve your mood by over 60%!
8. Spending too much time doing homework
can lead to a state of chronic depression.
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