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How I Earn 150$(52,967 Naira) Lol. I Was Shocked (True Story)
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Vincent12 (m)
1 year ago
Noniwapers am so happy because It's had been long I earn such amount of money even my blog haven't pay me such amount of money, shebi I was browsing on nairaland jejely when I bumps into this website(I saw the website when I want to comment on a post), At first I thought it was all this rubbish website but something make me try it. I read the description of the site and it wrote VIEW ADS AND YOU WILL BE PAID 10 PERCENT ON EACH ADS YOU VIEW, I was like how can someone be given 10% by just viewing ads,so I decide to go ahead to even no how I will earn the money self, so I register and bammmm a message pop out saying CONGRATULATION YOU HAVE OPEN AN ACCOUN SUCCESSFULLY, TO CONTINUE LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT so I do as I was told, I log in and what I saw surprise me,I saw CKICK HERE TO START EARNING I was like WTF, I click on start earning and it brought out 4 digit number(i.e instead of clicking on image to view ads you will just type the four digit number and I start earning) and don't forget am using my phone to do all this, I continue following order(i.e I keep typing the number till I earn 150$) now it's time to withdraw though am still doubting if the thing will pay just like that, I click on withdraw and I saw their withdrawal option, I can withdraw directly to my account or western union, so I choose directly to my account,my heart start racing, I start thinking of what to do with the money if the money reach my account, so I type in my account details, baammmmm a message pop out saying my request has been approved but before the money is transfer to your account you have to invite(referral)I was given referral link,I hiss and say referral nah something,I use my phone to register myself with the referral link.Lol, now I don do everything they ask me, where is the money I don't received any alert, am so annoy and drop my phone on top the sofa, 10 minute later I came back to check my phone if any message had enter but still I didn't see anything, I just lost hope saying the website nah scam, I plug my charger and stroll out because I had been pressing phone since and I need fresh air, am done strolling I came back to continue pressing my phone, What I saw shocked me, I swear I SAW 52,967 DEBITED TO YOUR ACCOUNT I was shocked and I can't believe it, I would have screenshot it but my vivo(Chinese phone) does screenshot, if you are using vivo please testify. At first I don't even no what to do.
I was damn happy as in hapyyyyy.
I quickly brought out my ATM, I went to the ATM slot sharp sharp, I withdraw 5,000 to confirm if the money is really true........
Noniwapers at times, is really good to test all this paying website.
Lemme end the story here.
Don't lemme be selfish, this is the link to the website http://biparedrgeno.date/3276595427788/
Confirm it yourself................
Have a nice earning(no forget say Christmas dey come) please if you also earn from the website after joining, make sure to drop a comment to keep this trend going...
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