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How To Increase Your Vocabulary Skills (Must Read)
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How To Increase Your Vocabulary Skills (Must Read)
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Chidusky (m)
1488540801 ago
How To Increase Your Vocabulary Skills.

Here is a very simple approach to increasing your vocabulary skills.

Learning 10 new words a day for 365 days total to 3650 new words a year, with such an amount of new words you cleary would increase your vocabulary.

How To Find New Words To Learn

1. A Dictionary should be your first point of call.

2. Newpapers and Blogs would also help in your search.

3. Novels and books, where else can one find new words if not books.

4. Nairaland Threads has an enormous amount of new words, trust me on that, reading most threads rather than skipping to the comments is a no no if you are trying to increase your knowledge on words, you definitely would had miss a lot of new words by doing so, try to read threads to the finish and you wont regret it.

Note: Pen down the new words immidiately and search a dictionary for the meaning of the words or google search for better understanding, google gives a better explanation and also the right usage of words in a sentence.

You can add more to further educate ourselves.
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