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Must Read: Diana Tales of a mermaid... Part 21
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Must Read: Diana Tales of a mermaid... Part 21
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Chidusky (m)
1487374434 ago
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If you missed the part Twenty (20), read it HERE!!!

Episode 21
Idris helpfully showed me to my hostel.
Idris: so from now, you won’t find any problem locating your hostel again.
Me: thank you very much.
Idris: you are welcome, hope to see you soon bye.
Me: bye.
I said and wanted to climb the staircase when he called me back.
Idris: wait, your digits.
Me: I was thinking you wouldn’t ask.
Idris: hahaha. Forgive me, my mind was preoccupied.
Diana: ok here 08187******
Idris: ok thanks.
Me: you are welcome.
Idris: I hope you won’t find any problem locating your room?
Me: not at all, I won’t.
Idris: very nice. Bye.

wow, today has truly been one of the best days in my two years of learning in uniport.
I wanted to meet my friend, titus in the canteen when this beautiful, I mean very pretty angel walked to me and said hi.
I never knew that Nigerian girls can be these pretty, beautiful and gorgeous. In fact, thumbs up to all the Nigerian/African girls.
I quickly saved her number, and ran to the canteen to meet titus.
Me: oga titus, you too pompous.
I hailed as I saw him sitting down in a corner sipping a chilled bottle of coke.
Titus: Idris, what is even your problem self?
Me: oga titus, I don’t understand you o, can you explain?
Titus: I have been here waiting for you since but you didn’t show up.
Me: abeg no vex. Oga titus, you won’t understand.
Titus: if you are willing to tell me I will understand na.
Me: I was coming to the canteen to see you when I saw this girl, I mean this angel. Jesus, she is just like the early morning sun, I mean she is like a rose flower or should I say sunflower or should I s….
Titus: wait first.
Me: *catching my breath* ok.
Titus: you mean she is beautiful?
Me: very very beautiful, her beauty surpasses that of rihanna, or should I say beyounce, or should I say Jennifer lopez, or should I s…….
Titus: wait na!! Ahh!
Me: *catching my breath* ok.
Titus: did you collect her number?
Me: why not. Oga pompous, sorry I mean titus, you no trust me again?
Titus: haba, I believe you na.
Me: very good. So what will you buy for me na. Look at the way you are just busy enjoying yourself. Nothing for your boy?
Titus: waiter!!
A girl came out and ran to our table.
Titus: bring pepper soup, two plates and two bottles of malt, chilled ones.
Me: yes oo, the number one oga titus is speaking.
Titus: lol, crazy dude.

we were about three girls in my room including me which is four in total. Immediately I settled down, I called my mum and greeted her while my dad called me..
Me: good afternoon dad.
Dad: good afternoon my angel. How is your accommodation, hope is comfortable?
Me: yes, we are not crowded, just me and three girls.
Dad: what!!!!!! I thought I gave you money to rent a plush apartment, didnt I tell you to stay off from the hostel?
Me: haba dad, am not a little girl anymore. Am capable of taking care of myself and I don’t want to stay in an apartment all alone to myself. It’s gonna be lonely.
Dad: ok but incase you changed your mind, leave their asap. That reminds me, our driver Emma is bringing that your favourite black BMW, at least you should drive around school as a big girl.
Me: but I don’t know how to drive na.
Dad: don’t worry you will learn. Got to go, love you.
Me: love you too.
I dropped the phone in frustration. My dad and his mentality of living it big. Well let him bring the car but as for the house, its a no from me..
I can’t stay all alone to myself, what if something bad happens or if Tracy appeared again. Speaking of Tracy, where is she? Is like she has gone for good.
Me: oh lord, I thank you for chasing Tracy out of my life. Amen.


What happened next?

Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of DIANA.

brought to you by: Mustapha Idris
To be continued...
Adewunmi (m)
1487488457 ago
Cant wait 4d next part.
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