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Must Read: Diana Tales of a mermaid... Part 4
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Must Read: Diana Tales of a mermaid... Part 4
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Chidusky (m)
1482652125 ago
[bar][b]If you missed the part Three (3), read it HERE!!!

Episode 4
I ran home with full speed.

*gon gon gon*
I hit the gate of our house with full force.

Abdul: walahi talahi who won break am por ma gate.

Me: abdul open the gate oo.

I shouted. I couldn’t believe that I ran home from the huge river Tracy took me to.

Abdul: small madam na you?

He said opening the small gate for me while I dashed inside with speed.

By the way, we do live in Port Harcourt. Mile one to be precise and you guys all know that they are many rivers in port Harcourt likewise witches.

Our house, the biggest mansion occupying seven bed room flats excluding guest rooms, two sitting rooms, a big kitchen, superb interior and exterior designs was the best and most beautiful house in our street.

Don’t ask me, my dad is a manager in an oil company firm and only God knows how much money he makes in a day.

Outside the gate was decorated with flowers, a large swimming pool for my dad and mum was located inside the compound and another small heart shaped swimming pool was specially made for me.

I stopped on getting to the door, I arranged and straightened my dress before entering inside the house.
Meet my Mum, a beautiful, tender hearted and the most coolest mum in the whole world. Just like me, my mum was d--n beautiful. It was from her that I inherited my beauty.

Though she is getting old, her figure eight shape was still intact. Looking at her always made a smile cut across my face because I knew I am looking at the older version of myself.

Another thing you should know is, we don’t have any permanent maid in our house. Every morning, they are people who do come and sweep the whole compound, trim the gardens and also clean the swimming pool but before twelve o clock noon, they have all left.

The rest of the job such as cooking is done by mum. The dishes and laundry is done by me and sometimes my mum too.

Mum: diana!!!!

She called out with her tender and sweet voice.

Me: yes mummy!

Mum: where did you go to?

Me: I went to visit a friend.

I lied, note this, I was the one that went to over to Tracy’s house before she took me to that mysterious place so like I said earlier, my family didn’t know of my whereabout.

Mum: which friend? Boy or girl?

Me: girl mum.

Mum: what’s her name?

Me: there you go again mum. Haven’t I answer enough questions already? Please mum as you can see me, I am tired and I seriously need to rest so if you will excuse me, I am going to my room to take my bath and have some sleep.

I shouted as I passed my Jamb mum (always giving me questions to answer).

I got into my little and beautiful room where the whole place is painted pink, my bedsheet is pink, they was pictures of different beautiful model and several posters of the runner ups for the MBGN (most beautiful girl in Nigeria) award since 2008 hanging there on my wall.

I quickly pulled my cloth as I got inside the shower where I had a cold bath.

Then I came out of the bathroom, wore a light cloth and moved straight to my bed. I was very tired and what I needed most right now is sleep, quality sleep!
To be continued...
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