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Must Read: Diana Tales of a mermaid (Season 2)... Part 19
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Must Read: Diana Tales of a mermaid (Season 2)... Part 19
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Chidusky (m)
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[b]If you missed the part Eighteen (18), read it HERE!!!

Episode 19
Continues from the last episode
Idris: why!!!
Idris: why shouldn’t I be afraid?

Me: because I have placed some secret security agent that will be guiding this place, so you see. There’s no cause of alarm.

Idris: *eyes lighted up* you must be kidding me right?

Me: hahahaha, am not.

Idris: then why didn’t you tell me all these while?

Me: wanted it to be a surprise that’s why…

Idris: who gave you the contact of the secret security whatever?

Me: hahaha, you will make a good policeman o. Always asking questions. Well if you must know, the inspector of police is a good friend of my dad. If you could remember vividly well, he was the one that got you arrested over my case. I contacted him…

Idris: *interrupting me* wait wait wait, you mean you contacted the police after we have agreed on not involving the police. If we wanted to inform the police we should have done so since, why did you take such actions without telling me?

D--n, I am caught up in the web of my lies again. I said and I knew it, I am a terrible liar. Now which lie will I blow. I though, thinking of a better lie because whether the devil likes it or not, I must go for this assignment. I mean this is the only way I can kill Linda and Sandra though I haven’t mapped out the plan yet but I am very positive I must come up with something good. Either way, the mermaids girls must all die one by one including the queen mother for attacking and killing and innocent soul, my mum and dad.

Not knowing any good lies to come up with, I decided to use my woman power over the poor boy. I spoilt my face as if i wanted to cry, went to another place and sat down cuddling myself as if the room was blowing with cold.

Idris: oh boy! Please don’t feel bad my love, I am sorry I over reacted.

Me: leave me, just let me be. I can’t tell my boyfriend anything without being scold as if I am a child, you don’t love me at all, you don’t even care to know why I even did it.

I said as crocodile tears, hipopotamus tears and elephant tears were flooding down from my eyes.

Idris: okay my love, my sweet heart, my pretty goddess, my apple, my one in a million, my rainbow, my Achilles heels, my joy, tell me everything.

I was busy blushing and I looked up to him.

Me: I did not do it because I want the police to interfere but I want our house guarded secretly.

Idris: like Seriously?

Me: *nods head*

Idris: wow, ok you can now go since am fully protected.

I got so excited and made the mistake of my life.

Me: free s-x for you tonight.

Idris: oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!
What happened next?

Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of Diana.

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brought to you by: Mustapha Idris
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