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Must Read: Diana Tales of a mermaid (Season 2)... Part 21
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Must Read: Diana Tales of a mermaid (Season 2)... Part 21
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Chidusky (m)
1494441472 ago
If you missed the part Twenty (2o), read it HERE!!!

Episode 21
Continues from the last episode
Snakie: good, we get assassin mission for
una, una go take the target out today.
Thugs: *nodded*
snakie: well, make una no confuse una self.
The person wey una go assassinate no be
the girl Diana.
Thugs: then na who?
Snakie: una dey craze? We dey kill girls?
Thugs; no!!
Snakie: for disgracing and insulting our
capon in public, she won’t go free. She must
definetly pay the price. Now, she no get any
sibling or relative for campus. The only
person wey she dey attached to na her
boyfriend. So her boyfriend will
unfortunately pay for her costly mistake.
Thug 1: now I understand.
Thug 2: no problem.
Thug 3: so na where the guys dey stay.
Because I don do research a little about the
girl and I hear say she no dey stay for
Snakie: yes. She rent apartment for outside.
Here is the address. Capon choose una three
because he trust una. Make una no fail o.
Capon: they no the consequences if they fail
Thug 3: *collecting the address* we no go
fail you capon. The boy go die this night.
Night of same day
Time check 9:30pm
The three thugs all came to our apartment.
Each holding an axe and a gun beneath
their cloth.
They saw the apartment locked and started
knocking at the door. For like thirty minutes,
they was no response but they didn’t give
up, not wanting to return to their capon
with a bad news.
They spent close to fifty minutes knocking
when a young boy came out from another
apartment close to ours.
Thug 2: hey boy, please come.
The little boy came and greeted them
Thug 1: please you know Diana and Idris
right? The two people that are staying in
this apartment.
Boy: yes I do.
Thug 3: please do you see them going out
earlier today, we have been here knocking
for the past fifty minutes and they are not
Boy: so they are not yet back?
Thug 1: back from where.
Boy: I saw them leaving earlier this morning
with some of the clothes and a little bag. I
didn’t go to school today because I was ill. I
over heard them discussing that they life
wasn’t secured around here anymore so
they have to change apartment. Never knew
that they were serious about it.
Thug 1: what!!!
Thug 2: ok thanks, you can now go.
They said and the boy hurried away.
Thug 3: wetin we go tell capon now?
What happened next?
Find out in the next exciting and thrilling

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