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Must Read: Memo Of A Male S3x Addict… Part 15
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Must Read: Memo Of A Male S3x Addict… Part 15
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Chidusky (m)
1498335938 ago
If you missed the part Fourteen (14), read it HERE!!!

Mummy had taken up a Job in a faraway place, so Daddy had to reduce travelling so as to stay with us most times. The stigma of being called a rapist was much in school and I had to tell daddy. We decided that I needed to change school. I wrote the entrance exam of a military school because my Dad was getting scared of me day by day. So I waited for the result from the school.

Let me just confess, I didn’t wait for the result anxiously, because the admissions officer there was my Dad’s student. So I was already sure of getting admission LOL. Few days later, I heard that they have released the result of the Junior w.a.e.c we wrote. I went to school to collect mine.

When I reached school, I reunited with some old friends, laughed and collected my result. When I saw the result,

“Wow” I said to myself.

I rushed home and quickly showed the result to my father.

“OH MY GOD” My father screamed

To be continued...
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