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Must Read: Memo Of A Male S3x Addict… Part 18
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Must Read: Memo Of A Male S3x Addict… Part 18
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Chidusky (m)
1498509995 ago
If you missed the part Seventeen (17), read it HERE!!!

Second term is here, and it was time to get serious. I have been warned by the school authority about the implications of failing 2nd term. I picked up, even though I kept my comfort with me in case I ever felt the urge to do what I need to do. She was such a supporting girlfriend and most times, we Fork after school. While Kenneth will handle Fumi, I was always in charge of Comfort. I told them, that in order to pass and remain in school, we had to improve.
Permit me to say this, my thinking capability and intelligence was far better than everybody in that class; but it didn’t always show because I was always found wanting in all aspect. This term, I was a little bit focused. I was less frequent to the student guard room, I became 17th most called noise maker, I was sent out of the class less times.
This 2nd term was one of the most boring term ever because I became a good boy overnight. But if I was a good boy in school, I wasn’t a good boy outside school.

We normally take public transport back home, and my Break money was always not enough for me. I thought of the fastest way of having enough money for the next day, before an idea came.
“How many of you want to save transport money” I asked my fellow classmates who went my direction

Practically everyone raised his hands.
“Now see what happens, we would enter a bus and we would stop at a common junction that is close to everyone else’s junction. When we drop, someone will start of an argument with the conductor on the issue of how much he told us. When the argument starts, we will all sneak out of his sight one by one. You are on your own in case you get caught” I said with stern warning.
Luckily for us, we saw an empty bus without conductor. We filled the bus and I volunteered to become the conductor of the bus.
“Help me collect money seat by seat” The old driver said to me
“No problem Oga”. I said to him
I collected money from others that were not part of our plan and when they got to their Bus-stops, they came down including those in my plan.
“You collect money from those people” The old driver asked
“Yes sir” I replied with confidence
All this happened, till we reached our common Bus-stop and the remaining of us came down, took the man’s money and vanished into thin air.
“He will understand” I said to boy that was afraid of curse.
The scenario continued, and we became the most wanted school children along that route.
“Look well before you enter a bus oo…” I kept shouting to them everyday
Second term exam was around the corner. We arranged ourselves and luckily, I, Comfort, Kenneth and Fumi was on the same side.

I did the writing and they copied the once they didn’t know from me. It was a marvelous exam and I don’t need to remind you, we passed in style.

I came out 3rd overall in Maths, 2nd in English and as always, I failed geography. The teacher was happy I failed her subject, I was happy I failed too. As part of our celebrations, Comfort gave me a passing Fork!
I had already established my crew in my neighborhood. Non-violent but we all had our little styles. Anybody among our peers who needed a girl had to lodge a formal request before he go ahead to woo any girl. We commanded respect and prestige, and failure not to abide by the rules will render you a complete virgin till you leave the area.

I Forked at will; I had S£x anytime I wanted it. You will ask why it happened that way right?
*** The answer is money*****
I had huge savings, and when I see any guy who begs me for money, I give him without blinking an eye. Those local girls love money, and the rich ones love gifts so I always buy them things according to their levels. From minerals to small gifts; so it goes a long way to get me what I want.

On the other hand, Chika helps me organize any new girl that comes into the street. If you don’t fall willingly, someone will make you fall. I was living in my own paradise, a mansion I suffered to build. I commanded the respect I wanted and the ladies gave me what I wanted. What else should I ask for.
Third term was around the corner, and it was even a more a serious term than the 2nd term that passed. I knew this was my real hurdle if I wanted to graduate in that school. I became so serious and went to church more often. I attended all classes and made peace with all the teachers in my class. Whenever I was asked a question, I always attached something spiritual to it, just to prove to them teacher that I am now changed.
But the soldiers never loved me. Once they call out the list of noise makers and my name isn’t on the list, it is considered incomplete. I was receiving koboko stokes like on a daily basis and most times, the stain of blood will be on my back. I was thinking of reporting to my Dad but Kenneth opposed it.
“You want your Dad to fight Army man”? He said while laughing
“They will just tell him to do frog jump with you” Kenneth continued
“Jesus” I shouted
“What should I now do”? I asked Kenneth
“Try and be friends with them na” Kenneth replied
Nice idea!! Kenneth just gave me a nice Idea. I decided to work with the plan. During every break period, I had to go pay my dues to everyone of them. I bought meat-pie for some and mineral for some. It made me spend money from my savings, but it was worth it in the end.

I was the official assigned person to write names of noise makers and my list is the final one. To all those who hate cane, they had to give me something to avoid their names going into the book of hell, while I replaced it with those who won’t give.
“Officer, those names there are not noise makers, he didn’t write the real names” Our class captain said
“Who you be for this class”? The officer asked him
“I am the class captain” The boy replied
“Thunder go kill your papa” The Army man said angrily.
“So I give order, you come dey tell me wetin to do? Oya follow them go lie down outside. Idiot son of a bloody civilian” The army man said amidst laughter from the class.
“Get me more names of criminals” He said to me while leaving
“Yes Sir” I shouted while smiling with confidence.
I made a large sum of money that day; I took my share and saved the rest to pay my dues the next day


“It is not me that did it Oga, it is him” The boy said with bitter tear

“Who… talk my friend before I finish you totally” The Army man shouted

“That Boy”…

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