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Must Read: More Than A Friend... PART 15
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Chidusky (m)
1 year ago
If you missed the Part Fourteen (14) read it HERE!!!

David: Sir, good afternoon once again sir, emmmmmm… I want a post too sir.

Principal: I don’t understand, a post where?

David: I…… I…… (stammering)

Principal: Oh! Calm down and talk.

I: (panicking already)

David: I want to be a prefect also.

Principal: (laughing uncontrollably as if he inhaled laughing gas)

David and I: (looked @ eachother and laughed)

Principal: Wow! Brave! But should I suspend the head boy for you?

I: (yelled)

David: (louder voice) Noooooo… but sir, a friend to the king is indirectly… (principal concluded it) …indirectly the king.

David: Please sir, I want to be officially called the “king’s friend”.

Principal: (laughing again) This boy! Anyway, if that’s what you want, it is not affecting the school, meet your friend to show you the rules and regulations of the prefects, then on Friday I will assign you to the post officially on the assembly ground.

David and I: (happy) thanks so much sir.
We left his office, on our way to class, we saw one of our friends in SS2, he hailed me “My S.P!” and turned to David, “Mr No-post!” And laughed. David responded, “God will shock you and your family on Friday by the time I become what I want to, Idio.t” the boy was confused as he laughed and left.
On Friday afternoon, the whole school was on the assembly ground, after everything, the principal came, holding a small white paper, he 1st laughed a little bit then started, some students in our class have heard the rumour, the principal began;

Principal: We have a new prefect among us, he is a science student that you all know, he’s a comedian as well, Abiola David Adeola should step out.

David came out, only God knows where he got the shoe he was putting on that afternoon from, the shoe was extremely high and big, it increased David’s height, students began to laugh on seeing David’s amazing shoe, principal continued
Principal: As we all know that he’s a close friend to the head boy, so he’ll be tagged as “KING’S FRIEND” (principal brought out a prefects name tag which was customized “KINGS FRIEND”), he suspended the name tag (lapel) on David’s shirt and began to laugh as he was leaving the assembly ground, the microphone was handed over to Mr Togbe, David requested for the mic as if he wanted to give speech;

David: (facing the students) Now, as the “school king’s friend”, everybody! On your kneels!

The whole students burst into laughter and the school was dismissed.
Being the head boy among those “criminals” I had as juniors then weren’t easy at all, huge, hefty, tall, big, older and notorious juniors indeed, sometimes they would just want to frustrate me to cause fight and beat me up, though anybody that tries that should be ready to leave school finally but that was not enough as they were even ready to leave school as much as I could still be caught after school and be dealt with, because of this, I so much maintained my level of seniority and I fasted for the wisdom to control them peacefully. A funny thought came to my mind and it worked, I would use those earth-shaking and thunderous grammars anytime I wanted to order or command any huger and older juniors to do something, they would find it difficult to respond most of the times. It looked like magic as they were more obedient to ‘small me’ than the ‘big others’, even Adewale had a fight with a set of juniors which God saved him as they wanted to beat him with “ifunpa” (black charm). ***fast forward***
Some parts of the seniority lifestyle were lovely, different SS1 ladies would hustle for my number, some would give their best smile to me whenever we meet, the annoying part is, I didn’t like those who really liked me among them while those I liked never showed green light, so I locked up until this SS2 lady developed a strong interest which I utilized the opportunity by collecting “things” to the peak value until she was tired. ***fast forward***
I would always see Quazeem (Michael’s closest friend) around Deborah, “what may be going on? Quazeem and Deborah? It is a hell-no! It can’t just be, something else must be going on” I would always think whenever I see them together. Dave was very active like better prefect (lol) he would call prefects’ meeting which I would cancel some, sometimes. Due to his funny attitudes, the stubborn juniors did not have his time that much, almost all SS3 students became ‘principal’ in the school because nobody could control them again, our WAEC was now very close, Deborah and I would still chitchat whenever we were chanced, the calling rate between us dropped to 10%, I was bothered though but I kept the bad feeling, everything was moving smoothly…..
?To Be Continued

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