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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 101
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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 101
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Chidusky (m)
1508707688 ago
If you missed the Episode (100), read it HERE!!!

Next morning, I went to Queen’s family house to say hello to her parents. Her brothers however didn’t come home for Christmas, it wasn’t even as if I was looking forward to seeing them. I could still remember how they do tease the hell out of me back then. I finally had Queen all alone to myself when her parents went to visit their paternal family. We tore at each other clothes within minutes of her parents leaving the house.
We had S£x and it seemed as if we never stopped having S£x, though while pounding into her puci, I kept imagining her fighting over a guy. Our love making was cut short when one of her relatives decided to pay a visit. I left her around 2pm in order to go meet Feyi so that we could conclude arrangements for the debate and quiz competinon that my student body was organising between secondary schools in my town.
I easily located Feyi’s house and knocked on the front gate, after sometime I heard footsteps coming to the gate. It was Shade’s. She led me inside her family house to the sitting room.
“Where is Feyi?” I asked immediately I settled myself on a chair. The house was so quiet and it seemed like Shade and I were the only ones in there.
“She got tired of waiting for you to come, so she went alone to prepare the venue of the event” She replied, a sixth sense told me Shade was lying.
“Why didn’t she call me nau?”
“Infact lemme call her.” I pretended as if I was dialing Feyi’s phone number. My plan worked, Shade quickly told me to end the call.
“Why..?” I asked.
“Actually, Feyi didn’t ask me to tell you to come over today”
“Then why asked me to come nau?” I asked.
“Hmmmm…pretend as if you don’t know” she said, a sultry look on her face.
“Pretend about what?”
“Okay…okay, I just want us to spend time together”
“Where is everyone by the way, why is the house so quiet?” I asked.
“My family are still in Lagos, they will all come tomorrow.” She said.
“Okay, but it won’t be fair leaving all the work on your sister nau, I need to go help her.”
“She doesn’t need your help, she would have called you if she needs it”
“Still yet…where is the place we’re using for the event?”
“I don’t know.”
“Fine, I’ll just call her.”
I made to call Feyi, but Shade quickly got to me and confisticated the phone from my hand.
“What do you think you’re doing….give me my phone joor.”
I was sort of surprised when Shade opened her tank top and placed my phone in between her breasts. Although, I’ve come to know her as a wild girl, this was something else, never would I have expected this from her.
“If you want the phone so badly, then come and take it…I won’t stop you.” Shade said in a very sultry voice.
I hesitated for some seconds. I already knew where this was going.
I pounced on her just when she wasn’t suspecting. I grabbed hold of her breasts, they were so soft and firm. She screamed out loud in surprise at my attack. I collected my phone and fondled her breasts in good measure.
She retaliated by grabbing hold of my Joystick before I could back away from her. She used my Joystick to pull me closer to her. She wrapped her arms around me, and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I never had a chance.

After a few seconds, Shade broke off the kiss, looked at me and said,

“I want to suck your Joystick.”
She was looking at me with an almost pleading expression. I laughed and said,
“What, are you afraid I’m going to say ‘No’?”
With that, she grinned and started digging through my jeans to get to my Joystick. I might as well have just left it out. Now she was kneeling in front of me, with my Joystick in her hand. She held it up, and licked the length of the shaft, from the base up to the head, flicking her tongue over the tip, then taking just the head into her mouth and sucking lightly. I was moaning as she repeated that process several times, then dropped her face to my balls, sucked one into her mouth, and began rolling it around with her tongue. At the same time she was stroking my Joystick with her fingers. I gasped out,
“Keep that up and I’ll blow all over the room!”

“Oh, no, you’re not going to waste it!” She said in a sultry voice.
Shade opened her mouth and took in my whole Joystick in one gulp, not stopping until she gagged as it bumped against the back of her throat. She began sucking slowly, pulling back, letting her tongue glide over the underside of my Joystick until just the head was still in her mouth, then sucking and licking the head before sliding her mouth around the entire length again, until I could feel her nose bumping against my belly.

I reached my hands down on each side of Shade’s head and wound my fingers into her hair. As I held her head, I started pumping my hips against her face, driving my Joystick into her mouth, at the same time pulling her head to me. Shade’s hands were now free, and she wrapped her arms around my hips, helping pull me to her mouth.
“Fvck, Shade.. I’m going to Pour in your mouth!”
I no sooner had the words out than my Pour exploded from my Joystick onto Shade’s tongue and down her throat. She kept sucking, until my knees started to shake and I let go of her hair.
I pulled her to her feet, mumbling, “wow.. girl, where did you learn to do that? Your turn now!”
I practically ripped her clothes off, and threw her down on the sitting room couch. By now I was pretty sure that I couldn’t be too rough with her, which was lucky, because I was in no mood or condition to be gentle. With Shade stretched out on the couch, I started my mouth on her throat, kissing and nipping gently with my teeth. Her breathing became shallow almost immediately, and she began to moan lightly. I traced my tongue down her throat and in between her breasts, then spent a minute or so on each Bosom, licking around it, then wrapping my lips around each n!pple in turn, sucking it, then biting lightly with my teeth. This drew gasps from Shade, who cradled my head in her hands as I moved farther down her body, licking around her rib cage, then down over her belly. I ran my tongue into her belly button and swirled it around, causing the muscles in her belly to twitch.
“Uhhhh, yeah, that’s good.” She moaned out.
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