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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 110
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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 110
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Chidusky (m)
1508832228 ago
If you missed the Episode (109), read it HERE!!!

After breakfast I took my leave of her and we made plans to meet at the venue of the bon-fire night later at night. Sandra went off to convene with her fellow event organisers while I took a bike home feeling quite drained.

I got a call from Becky while I was enroute home, couldn’t hear her clearly so I ended the call not before promising to return the call when I gets home. Omiyom, my old flame was waiting for me when I got home.

“Good morning my husband!” She shouted out in greeting when I walked into mumsy restaurant.

What is she doing here I thought in my mind. I hoped she didn’t plan on rekindling our romantic relationship especially not now that she is the mother of two kids.

“Good morning dear, how are you doing today?” I replied.

“My husband, I’m fine o, I say make I come visit you. We get serious talk o! Very serious talk.”

This girl should stop calling me her husband o, I thought. I wondered what serious talk she came to discussed.

“Talk?” I asked with a confused expression on my face.

“Yes o, make we go inside your room, Na private matter” she said, her face getting serious.

No way! I won’t fall into her trap!

“Nooo, mumsy dey inside my room, make we just stroll go outside.” I counter suggested.

“Okay nau, make we go outside then.”

She went straight to the point on getting outside.

“Sam, when we see the day before yesterday, shey you see my children?”

“Yes, I see them, anything?”

“You notice say the boy resemble you?” She asked looking straight into my face.
“Nooo, why the boy go resemble me when no be me be the father?” I asked. My heart already beating. Trully the boy looked exactly like me when I was small. I noticed that the day I saw him with his mother, but I just overlooked it.

“The boy Na your pickin” she announced.

“Omiyom, if Na play, just stop am! Which kind rubbish dey commot from your mouth this morning?” I said shaking in anger, spittle flying off from my mouth to different direction.

“Babe, today no be April fool o! So if Na play stop am now!” I went on vibrating. My voice had gotten loud and mumsy and some of her customers came outside to see what was going on. I pulled Omiyom away out of ear shoot when I noticed this.

“Sam, the boy Na your pickin I swear, the boy even resemble….”
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