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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 111
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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 111
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Chidusky (m)
1508832387 ago
If you missed the Episode (110), read it HERE!!!

“Hey….stop…stop…just stop am for there. Wetin happen to the guy wey you be say be the father of the boy. I remember A guy accepted the pregnancy when you said he was the one responsible for it.

“The guy drive me commot from him house after I born the baby and the baby as he come dey grow no come resemble him or anybody for him family.”

“So who come born the girl if you say the guy drive you commot from him house after you born the boy? I asked.

“Na another guy.”

“You see your life? Na to dey fvck fvck around you sabi, dey fvck fvck so tey you no even know who give you belle, now you wan come tie another man pick in for my neck. Your plan no go work, I tell you.”

My words really hurt her as she bursted into tears, sobbing loudly. I hate to see a girl cry, it has always been my weak point. Seeing her cry made me feel like a monster, I felt guilty immediately. I pulled her toward me and tried consoling her. She clung tightly to me sobbing on my chest.

“No vex, I don’t mean what I said, I’m so sorry.” I finally was able to make her stop crying.

“But Omi…” My pet name for her.

“Yes..? She replied looking into my eyes with her teary eyes.

“What do you want me to do with what you just told me now, that is if truly the boy is mine…”

“He looks like you nau.”

“So you say”

“Okay don’t worry I’ll bring him over later so that you can see for yourself.”

“So what do you want me to do with this, you know I’m still in school abi?”

“I know. I just wanted to tell you that he is your son. I’m not expecting anything from you, maybe just a favour. Please.”

“Please, I want you to meet him and introduced yourself as his father, he has been disturbing me of recent of who is father is.”

“Then tell him the man you’re living with now is his father nau”

“He already knows the man is not his father.”

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