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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 115
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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 115
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Chidusky (m)
1508833208 ago
If you missed the Episode (114), read it HERE!!!

Omy God! Queen! I shouted out in my mind. There she was hudlled in a corner with a half dressed guy in her front. Her bra was right there on the floor, good observer that i am. I observed that she was wearing the back of her clothes. Obviously she must have quickly tried to dressed up as soon as she heard voices coming into the cave. The guy only succeeded in putting on his Trousers before Becky and I caught them.

I pretended I didn’t know her, I pulled Becky away and out of the cave after feeding my eyes for about a minute. She bursted into laughter as soon as we came out.

“I just can’t wait to tell Shade what my eyes just saw. She is so going to be thrilled. That girl we just saw is big time ashawo back in Lagos. We stayed in the same area. She is so fond of sleeping and snatching people’s boyfriend. She even snatched Shade’s boyfriend at one time set and they are like sworn enemies up till today.” Becky said laughing in between words.

“Really?” Was all I could say. I felt bad…my own Queen, it was hard believing all Becky was saying about Queen. I reasoned she had no reason to lie as she doesn’t know beforehand that I knew Queen.

“Do you know the guy with her?” I asked.

“Yes o, the funny thing is that the guy is supposedly engaged to one of her cousins”

“Hmmmm, this one serious o…a beg let’s rejoin the party joor”

“Not too fast young man…why did you take me in there?”

“No particular reason dear, just wanted to show you the place.”

“Liar, you were hoping and planning on getting into my pants, don’t lie!”

“Haba! What do you take me for? I can’t possibly have anything Sekxual with you in a crude place like that now. I’m too refined for that” I protested vehemently.

“And moreover, I’ve got tomorrow planned for the both of us, or are you forgetting tomorrow is your birthday?”

“Hmmmm….so what have you got planned, you this scheemer?”

“I won’t let it out now, wait for tomorrow”

“Okay o…”

We rejoined the Bon fire crowd, the light by now was blazing brightly covering everywhere with its fiery glow. The crowd was already dancing to a music, Becky and I merged in and started dancing. Few minutes later, Becky spotted Feyi and Shade and went over to them, leaving me all alone. Not to be left out, I walked up to a girl who was dancing seducively all alone, she was holding on her right hand a half filled bottle of Punch, I started rocking her without asking or waiting for permission. The girl didn’t push me off, she instead wantonly pressed her body into mine, rocking and grinding her Buttocks directly on my Joystick, she was quite drunk.

I pulled the babe off to a dark corner after sometime and quickly went to work pressing her Bosom and snaking my fingers into her wet pucci…i finger-Forked her until she shook and flooded my fingers with her juices.

I quickly pulled out my fingers when I heard my name. I left the babe there and headed toward the sound of the incoming voice. It was Becky.

“What were you doing back there?” She asked

“Went to take a leak”

“I’ve been looking for you since o, I want to start going home now, please come and see me off.”

“Okay. I’ll be coming over to your house by 9am tomorrow morning to take you out.”

“Where to?”

“Don’t worry, you will know tomorrow.”

I saw her off after which I went back to the party, couldn’t find the babe I was with earlier, so I decided to call it a night. I ran into Queen on my way home.

“Sammy, Sammy hold on!”

I ignored her and walked off…
Oluwatosin (m)
1 year ago
intresting next episode please
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