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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 46
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Chidusky (m)
1 year ago
If you missed the Episode Forty - Five (45), read it HERE!!!

I went to university of Benin that Saturday to visit Rita. We had earlier agreed to meet at the school gate. From there, she took me to her self contain apartment. Her apartment was richly adorned for a first year student. Her female neighbours came in as soon as they saw us entered her room. Rita did the introductions. She proudly introduced me to them as her sweetheart. I felt so elated to be so honoured by a girl that is as Preety as Rita. Her neighbours were quite warm towards me, they joked around asking me if I will spend the night with them.”Don’t just go there o!” Rita shouted at Meg.

“Go where?” She retorted.

“My baby is spending the night with me and only me and not with ‘us’ ”

Meg and the other girls laughed out loud when Rita said that.

“Common, you can have him all to yourself” Meg replied.

“You won’t let person hear word since, Sam this, Sam that every time, now he is here” Grace said.

“You ladies are just talking about me as if I’m not even here, it’s not fair o” I complained.

They all laughed.

One by one, they left the room except Tegiri. She in fact went to put on television and settled in to watch a movie.

Which kind spoil sport be this, I asked myself, won’t this girl go to her room and let me have an alone time with my babe. I bet Rita was having the same thoughts too, as her facial countenance had changed.

She eventually told me she is coming, then she went outside. Immediately she went outside, Tegiri came over to me and started trying to make conversation with me. I simply gave her a yes and no answer.

From outside, Rita called out to Tegiri. She answered and went outside to meet Rita. Rita then returned back to the room after some time. She bolted the door as soon as she came in.

Sharp girl! I thought out loud in my mind.

She came toward me and sat on the bed by my side. As we sat next to each other on the bed, she slowly started to kiss my neck. This moved quickly to nice deep kissing. The passion, and the desire behind those kisses was amazing.

As our tongues searched for each other, and our hands wandered, slowly removing clothing, the desire for physical connection grew and grew. As I kissed her neck, and nibbled her ears, I unbuttoned and slowly removed her shirt. The kissing move from ear back down to her neck, her moaning was telling me everything I needed to know. As I moved down past her breasts, and focused on her stomach, my hands worked their magic and began removing her short skirt. With a little moaning assistance from her, I had her laying back on the couch in her bra and panties.

My left hand slipped between her legs and slowly rubbed her inner thighs, very gently, very seductively. My other hand went up top to slowly reveal her left Bosom. Then my mouth went to work. I began to kiss and suck on her Bosom occasionally moving onto her erect n!pples. The moans of pleasure were like a beautiful symphony to me. They let me know I was the conductor, and was performing flawlessly.

The other Bosom came out, and became the center of attention. They may not have been overly large, but as I have always hold true to my heart, all you need is a handful, anything else is a waste. And I surely wasted no time letting her (or her breasts) know that they deserved the attention that she hungrily craved. The moans intensified as my hand made its way between panties and skin. My fingers found her landing strip, and decided to explore the runway.

I continued to bounce back and forth with my mouth, providing ample reason for her n!pple to remain erect. With both breasts exposed and free for me to taste, my other hand found its way to her tone stomach and began caressing it to further heighten her sensual experience. My fingers continued to gently touch her lower set of lips, sending quivers up her entire body.

With that she began to unzip my trouser, which I gladly helped with. I also paused momentarily to remove my shirt. Kneeling next to her in only my boxers, I began where I left off, this time with her hands exploring my Joystick through the fabric of my boxers.

My Joystick was already hard, and starting to stretch the fabric of the boxers. She wasted no time in grabbing hold of it with one hand, and beginning to slowly stroke it. This gave me reason to moan.

Her hand stopped stroking, my Joystick remained in my boxers with a pre-Pour spot on them to help further indicate my appreciation of her attention to me. Moments later her hands gently found the top of my head, and gave a slight push in the downward direction.

I then positioned myself between her gorgeous legs. I moved her panties to the side, and used my tongue to break the seal. A squeal of delight sounded through the room. I began to lick up her tasty juices, and heard her moans increase in volume and frequency. My tongue delved deeper and deeper. Coming back out only to catch my breathe, and stimulate her lips or clit. Her legs tightened around my head, and she began shaking slightly. I then removed a hand from holding the panties, and diverted it to assist in current task. Her moans increased, I heard her neighbours laughing loud outside. These girls are perverts, I thought in my mind. Rita didn’t even show any concern, she just went on moaning out loud without a care in the world.

My fingers exited her clit, while my tongue continued to explore her pucci. She clamped my head between her legs, as she squirmed and squealed. Again her moans rose, and she began to have orgasm after orgasm. She did what very few women do, and she began to run her fingers through my hair and massage, scratch my head while I did my duty. There is nothing better that being told you are doing a good job, that by rewarding you with something you like. As a bonus, each time I was further rewarded with her sweet tasting nectar. I continued to lick and devour her pucci and clit, and eventually gently began to use my teeth. This drew a bigger reaction that I was prepared for. The head massage turned into a deep scratch, her thighs tightened around my head. He moan and squeal was so loud that i was afraid her neighbours would start banging on her down. I had my work cut out for me to continuing cleaning up her delicious juices.
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