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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 50
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Chidusky (m)
1 year ago
If you missed the Episode Forty - Nine (49), read it HERE!!!

later, I couldn’t sleep at night. So I decide to make night calls. Rita didn’t pickedup when I called her, neither did Gloria. I really wanted to speak to someone so I began scrolling down my contact list looking for someone worthwhile to call. I was surprised to see Daisy on my contact list. I’ve never asked for her number so it was strange seeing her on my contact list. It may not even be her, a voice told me in my mind. So I decided to give it a go. She picked up after the second ring.”Daisy?” I asked with uncertainty.

“Yea, Sam right?” She replied

“Yea, I saw your number in my phone, as I didn’t remember you giving it to me, so I decide to call to see if you’re the one”

She laughed with a sleepy voice.

“I installed my number in your phone the day you left your phone on the table, I’ve been waiting for you to ask me for my number, had to take the bull by the horn when it looked like you were never going to ask me.”

Back then, I used an old model Nokia phone. The phone was so big and ugly with a long antenna. Back then in lecture, peoples phone do get stolen’at the slightes opportunity. I can leave my phone on my table and go spend hours in the next class and nobody would steal it to show you how ugly my phone was. The ringing tone of the phone na die, so I had to always place it on vibration. The phone became a table phone because of its size, the phone spent more time on the table than in my hands or in my pocket. Daisy may have stored her number one of these days that my phone spent on the table I reasoned.
Daisy and I talked at length that night. Sleep quickly disappeared from her eyes and her voice became sharp. We discussed virtually about everything, ranging from the incoming jamb exams, the going ons in lecture and so on. In no time, we were on a personal footing and we were discussing personal issues. I lied that I don’t have a girlfriend when she asked. When I asked about her, she told me she has never dated a guy, she further shocked me when she revealed that she was a virgin.
Night calls became a daily ritual for Daisy and I. We studied and tested each other on jamb past questions while on night calls. While we fooled around some nights, sometimes she do conferenced the calls with some other friends of hers. Things went on like this until the day I told her I want to tell her something. I lost my balls when she stood in front of me and requested that I tell her what I said I wanted to say. Told her it’s nothing and she should forget about it. She called me later that night and after probing me for a long time, I opened up to her. Told her I’ve fallen in love with her. She kept quiet for almost a minute and I was damn well scared that she would end our friendship. I was overjoyed when she spoke out and admitted that she is also in love with me.
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