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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 51
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Chidusky (m)
1 year ago
If you missed the Episode Fifty (50), read it HERE!!!

We sat together in lecture two days later and she asked me if I was really serious about what I told her on phone, I smiled and nodded my head. Her hand then held and squeezed mine under the table. We became a couple in lectures from that day on.*************************
A week later, on a Saturday, Daisy visited me at home. She was on her way to the saloon to make her hair so she decide to check on me. She called me on phone and asked if I am at home. I said yes, then she told me to come outside. She was outside waiting for me. I was wowed with her appearance. She wore a black short gown and her hair was covered by a scarf. She had no makeups on her face and yet she looked so beautiful.

I led her into my house and into my room.

“Your room look nice” she complimented me.

“Thanks dear, welcome to my humble abode!”

“What will I offer you?…I’ve got beer, wine, minerals and malts, what will you have? I asked her jokily.

She laughed out loud and told me to get her a bottle of malt. I quickly went outside to get her the bottle of malt. I returned with a cold bottle of malt to see Daisy already lying on my bed. I opened the bottle of malt for her and she insisted we both drink it. We finished drinking the malt and I pushed the bottle to one corner. I then joined her on the bed. We began staring at each other in a romantic way, out of no where we started kissing each other wildly. The kiss was anything but romantic at first, we cooled down after some time and started kissing each other very slowly. I pulled away from her lips after sometime and licked my way down to her sweaty neck. She tried pushing me away, complaining that she was sweaty. She gave up after sometime and then she started moaning softly.
Her moans increased when my hands held and press her Bosom, I noticed she had stylishly adjusted her gown in such a way that she could widen her legs thereby positioning my already hardened Joystick on her panties coververd pucci. I took hold of the proffered opportunity and started humping her pucci. She on the other hand kept pushing her panties covered pucci towards my Joystick while moaning and grunting at the same time. I just couldn’t believe that this was happening.
I let myself to be so carried away that I couldn’t control myself when the signs of cummin was near, I exploded right into my trousers. It was quite embarrassing. I quickly stood up and told her that I want to go have a drink of water. She smiled and said okay. I quickly went outside to pick another trouser that I had earlier washed that morning and went inside the bathrook to change. I came back in to see that she was rearranging her gown and her hair, getting set to leave.

“You just came nau” I complained.

“Don’t worry I’ll come another day” she promised.


“Follow me to the saloon nau” she suggested.

I agreed. And we proceeded to the saloon. While walking at the side of the road, I heard someone calling out to me. I turned around to see Funmi. I once had a go at Funmi about a year ago. We were jamb lecture classmates during my first jamb. She got admission to study law.

“Hello Funmi, longest times!” I exclaimed and hugged her.

“You don’t call nau” she complained.

Daisy greeted Funmi before I could introduce them. Obviously they know each other I reasoned in my mind. We talked about several things, before we both went on our separate ways. Daisy told me that her mum and Funmi’s mum were friends.
About a year ago, Funmi and I started talking when she came to fetch water from an house opposite mine, though we do see each other in lecture, but we never spoke to each other. That day, I was sitting on a bench in front of my house when she walked toward me and asked me to borrow her the hook for bringing out the fetcher that was being used to pull up water from the well. My neighbour’s children must have told her that we have the hook for bringing out the fallen fetcher.
I helped her bring out the fetcher using the hook, she thanked me, from then on we started talking in lecture and anytime we meet on the street. She gave me her phone number when I asked for it and sometimes I called to tell her that I’m coming over to her house which was very close to mine. We became very close and we started making naughty phone intimacy calls at night. One day she came to my house unannounced. Thank God popsy wasn’t at home. She wore a red top and a short flared jean skirt.

One thing led to another, I had her on my bed, and I had succeded in pulling off her clothes. We fought over her bra till I succeeded in pulling it off, she wore a red bra that day. I sucked on her n!pples and finger fvcked her pucci, but she won’t let me pull of her panties, no matter what I did. She fought me off when I tried inserting my angry Joystick into her pucci in between her panties. It became so frustrating that I got angry and dressed up. That was the last time she ever came to my house. She admitted to me years later that she was a virgin back then and was scared of having S£x. If I had known, I would have been more patient with her I thought.
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