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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 81
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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 81
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Chidusky (m)
1507279020 ago
If you missed the Episode Eighty (80), read it HERE!!!

Must Read: My Sexiography… Part 81

Tosin SilverDam
Sep 24, 2017
My Sexiography.

I quickly got undressed and wore one of the condom on my enraged Joystick which had quickly got hardened up like an iron rod when my eyes saw what the girls were doing.
I lined up my Joystick on Wemi’s pucci and slowly thrusted my Joystick deep into her wet warm pucci, which gripped me like a vice. Immediately Wemi started moving her Buttocks, pulling back then pushing back on my Joystick. She kept thrusting at a very slow tempo while still using the didlo to fvck Antonia. Her attention was torn in between the two of us. So without wasting time, I grabbed hold of her Buttocks with both hands and pulled her harder and faster onto my Joystick. I doggyfvcked her at a fast pace for about 8 minutes.

“Haaaaa…aaaaaa.ohhh myyyy……

“Yeaaaaaa….ha baby.yessssssssss!” Antonia screamed

“Haaaaa!…..I…I…I’m almost there! Please don’t stop!” Antonia begged Wemi.
Wemi moaned out loud and begged me to fvck her harder. I was already tired and was already thinking of taking a break. Wemi moans of pleasure however gingered me up and I went harder on her, in no time her body shook in orgasm, her pucci became drenched with her nectar. Seconds later, Antonia released too, screaming like a banshee.
After resting for like 15 minutes, I pulled Antonia toward me. Wemi had already dozed off. I changed the condom on my Joystick and positioned my Joystick on her pucci entrance and thrusted in deep inside her pucci. I slowly fvcked her for about 10 minutes. Fvcking her was so pleasurable as she was making good use of her pucci muscles to grip my Joystick so hard. It took intense concentration to avoid spilling my palm wine inside her pucci.
I raised up her legs and placed them on my shoulders and propped up her Buttocks with a pillow. This elevated her pucci thereby making it easy for me to thrust my Joystick completely into her pucci. I fvcked her in this position for like 5 minutes after which I unloaded my load into the condom. I pulled out and disposed the condom after which I returned back to bed to join my girls. I slept off in between two hot Sekxy girls.

Next morning, I woke up to see Wemi atop me in a cowgirl position. My Joystick was buried deep inside her pucci. I pushed her off when I noticed there wasn’t a condom on my Joystick. Wetin dey worry this girl I thought. I was visibly angry, but I didn’t say anything to her. Antonia wasn’t in the room, I wondered where she went to early this morning as there wasn’t any sign that she was inside the bathroom or the kitchen.
Wemi apologised claiming she looked for the pack of condom, but couldn’t find it. I located the condom and handed it over to her. She quickly rolled one on my early morning hard on after which she stridded me and positioned my Joystick back into her pucci. I let her used my Joystick as she liked until she came and collapsed on my chest.
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