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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 92
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Must Read: My Sexiography... Episode 92
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Chidusky (m)
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If you missed the Episode Ninety - Ome (91), read it HERE!!!

Later in the evening, I called Becky and told her I’m on my way to her quarters. I got there 10 minutes later and she came outside to take me in. She was dressed in a simple plain gown with a deep v-neck cut at the front. Her Bosom were all most spilling out and I couldn’t help but gush over them. Becky did an elegant pirouette when I told her she looks Sekxy and ravishly hot. She pulled me into her lodge and quickly made the introductions. Her room mate seemed friendly and nice.
“Will you be going home for Christmas?” Feyishayo asked me. Becky’s roommate.
“Hmmmmm, not sure. I like spending Christmas in Benin. Our Town is too dull in comparison to Benin during the Christmas and new year celebration. I like to be where the fun is.”
“Things have changed o, I know for a fact that a carnival will be organised at home this December. Infact I’m one of the organisers of the carnival. Home promises to be much more fun this December.” Feyi said
“Hmmmm….that looks promising, maybe I’ll change plans before then. I heard school will be closing up for the Christmas break a week from now.”
“Quite true. I planned on going to Lagos when school go on break. I’ll travel down from Lagos to our hometown before the start of the carnival” Becky said.
“I may have to spend Christmas at home too, this one you girls are all going home too” I said.
“You won’t regret it…the organisers of the carnival are making serious plans to make the carnival as much fun compare to Calabar carnival.”
I took my leave of the girls few minutes past 8 and went home. Alero came around to my room about 20 minutes after my arrival. She wanted to know if I’m hungry, I said yes.
“Hope you know how to eat banga soup and starch?” She asked.
“I’ve eaten banga soup, but I can’t swallow starch o”
“Don’t worry, I’ll make semovita for you. I’ll send you a message to come over when the food is ready.”
“What about your boyfriend?”
“He has gone back, I didn’t let him stay for long”
“Hmmmm, what is going on with you guys, why were you treating him like crap?”
“Sammy, mind your business” she said, frowning her face.
“Babe, its my business, I recently had issues with some cult guys over a girl, so forgive me if I’m being cautious” I said.
“Then you should have thought of that before having S£x with me na… Did I forced you into having S£x with me?” She hissed out angrily, then walked out on me.
She sent a text few minutes later, apologizing for the way she reacted. I didn’t reply. She then sent another one telling me to come eat. I stayed back I’m my room until she sent another text few minutes later begging me to forgive her and come over to her room to eat. I took a shower and ironed the shirt I planned to wear for my blind date with Pleasure, the next day.
I locked my door and went over to Alero’s room. The door was opened, so I knocked and let myself in. She was lying on the bed when I came in. I ignored her and sat on her reading chair, distancing myself from her. I was still miffed with the way she spoke to me earlier.
“Should I dish out the food now?” She asked looking at me with puppy eyes.
“Yes please” I simply replied.
She got busy, minutes later a well prepared banga soup laced with fresh cat fish and a plate of semovita were placed right in front of me. I slowly ate the food as if it wasn’t sweet. I finished up and she cleared of the plates.
I made to return back to my room after thanking Alero for the meal, she stopped me at the door. She quickly went in front and bolted the door.
“Don’t tell me you’re like this Sammy, I’ve already told you I’m sorry Na, why are you still doing this?”
“Doing what? I’m just weak and feeling sleepy.”
“Then sleep in my room tonight to prove you’ve nothing in mind against me”
I hesitated for a bit.
“On one condition.” I finally said.
“What condition?”
“You must promise to tell me all what is going on between you and your boyfriend. I need to know where I stand.”
“Okay, deal. But not today” she said while edging me away from the door.
“Why not Today? I asked.
“Sammy, please just let it go for now, okay? You don’t know you’re hurting me” She said, walking away from me.
“Fine….for the now.”

I sat back on her chair and logged on to 2go with my phone. I got and accepted a friend request from Becky, she must have added me with my phone number. She was still online when I accepted her friend request. I initiated a chat. We chatted about so many things, chatting with her seemed to flow so easily compare to some other girls that do bore someone to death while chatting with them.
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