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Must Read Story: Letter To My Girlfriend... Part 20
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Must Read Story: Letter To My Girlfriend... Part 20
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Chidusky (m)
1507719369 ago
If you missed the Part Nineteen (19), read it HERE!!!

Nath and Agatha were not aware that Mr Randy had arrived as they ate and discussed in the dining room.
“How is your mother like?” Nath was still inquisitive.
“She’s more like a mother but can be so mean sometimes” Agatha replied. “Why are you so enthusiastic about my mother?”
“Because she’s the only person absent”
“Hmm.. what about your mother?”
“I have told you already”
“I mean how is she like?”
“She’s just like a mother too but can be so emotional sometimes”
“Hmm.. Unlike my mother”
Just then, Mr Randy entered. He had a briefcase and a black suit with Nath’s body complexion.
“Welcome, Daddy” Agatha greeted while Nath stood up instantly walking away.
“Where are you going to?” Mr Randy asked him.
“You can continue with your meal let me check on those cars”
“Okay, sir”
Mr Randy left while Nath turned to see Agatha giggling at him.
“Where were you going to?” Agatha asked him.
“I thought your father..”
“No oh!” Agatha interrupted. “My Daddy is not like that”
Nath exhaled heavily back to his seat. Just then, his phone rang-Joyce was calling.
“I guess that must be your girlfriend” Agatha glanced at him. Nath smiled but didn’t say a word as he picked the call.
“Aren’t you back?” Joyce sounded sluggishly on the phone.
“No, that will be in the next forty-five minutes”
“Alright, can you let me know when you arrive?”
“Sure.. But you don’t sound good”
“Never mind” the line went dead.
Agatha smiled without looking at him. At the same time, Mr Randy entered.
“You did a very good job there”
“Thank you sir” Nath stood up again.
“Has my daughter paid you?”
“No, Daddy, let me bring it” Agatha interrupted and rushed into her room. Mr Randy used that opportunity to take a good look at Nath again. Even Nath wondered why he looked at him strange. He sat down quietly.
“This is your payment” Agatha came out with the money.
“Thank you” Nath collected it moving out. Just at the door, Mr Randy called him back.
“What is your name?”
“Nathaniel, sir”
“Your surname?”
“Oh, Henry”
“How is he? I mean your father”
“Daddy, his father is late” Agatha interfered.
“I’m sorry about that” Mr Randy sympathized. “I hope I’m not bothering you with my questions?”
“Not at all, sir” Nath smiled.
“What’s your mother’s name?”
Herring the name, Mr Randy took another glanced at Nath then suddenly went into a deep thought.
Nath And Agatha looked each other wondering the sudden quietness exhibited by her father.
“Daddy?” Agatha brought back his mind. “Is anything the matter?”
“No my daughter” Mr Randy turned to Nath. “You can go now”
“Thank you, sir” Nath opened the door but Mr Randy interrupted him again.
“I hope Agatha is with your number incase of next time”
“Yes, sir”
“Daddy, let me drop him off” Agatha took her car key.
“Is okay” the father went inside watching Nath through the window until Agatha drove out with him. “I said it! His face looks like that of Mary Ogbonnaya my long separated girlfriend years ago” he thought.
On the way back home in Agatha’s car who promised to drive him back to his house, Nath phone rang.
“Good evening” Cynthia greeted on the phone.
“How are you?”
“I’m not fine. Are you back?”
“On my way. Anything the problem?”
“Until you come back. Safe journey” the line went off. At the same time, Joyce called and Nath told her that he was also on his way back.
“Your line is a hot one oh!” Agatha exclaimed with smiles. “It seems like you have many girlfriends”
Nath smiled without responding.
“Say something!” Agatha hit him with one hand, yet he kept smiling. Suddenly, a message came into Agatha’s phone-her dad: FOUND OUT IF HIS MOTHER’S FULL NAME IS MARY OGBONNAYA.
After reading the message, she became surprise looking at Nath..
A few minutes later, Nath and Agatha arrived at his apartment. To their surprise, they saw joyce standing beside her car.
“Is that your fiance?” Agatha asked.
“No” Nath replied. He wanted to step down but she prevented him.
“Is your mother’s maiden name Mary Ogbonnaya?”
Nath turned sharply. “Yes, how do you know that?”
“Uhm.. A friend of mine bears the name too” she replied.
Both came down from the car at the very sight of Joyce.
“Hi” Agatha waved her hand.
“Hi” Joyce replied and turned to Nath. “I have been waiting for you”
“Sorry, traffic held us on the way” Agatha interfered. Then Joyce looked at her. “Who are you?” she asked..
Meanwhile, Cynthia was also on her way to Nath’s apartment with the hope of finalizing her love for him. She began to walk faster..
Meanwhile, Nath had introduced Agatha to Joyce. He made her believe she worked her father’s cars and she volunteered to drive him home.
Now, Joyce’s car parked outside while she was inside with Nath. At the same time, Cynthia approached closer to behold the car nd her presence in Nath’s apartment.
Meanwhile, Agatha’s mood changed as she drove back home thinking what her father must have been hiding from her. “He has some explanations to make” she concluded..
To Be continued
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