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Must Read Story: Letter To My Girlfriend... Part 27
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Must Read Story: Letter To My Girlfriend... Part 27
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Chidusky (m)
1508833628 ago
If you missed the Part Twenty - Six (26), read it HERE!!!

Mr Williams house couldn’t contain him and his wife when they discovered that Joyce was nowhere to be found.
“Where have you hidden your daughter?!” Mr Williams barked at his wife who was already in tears.
“I didn’t hide her oh”
“This is your plan, right!”
“I’m telling you and don’t know where Joyce is” Mrs Williams dialed her number again but nobody picked. “Hey!” she shouted and tried Miracle’s number.
Miracle glanced at the wall clock when the call came in: 9:45pm “Good evening, ma” she greeted.
“Is Joyce with you there?”
“No, ma” Miracle sat up from the bed. “Any problem?”
“Joyce is nowhere to be found”
“By this time?!”
“Please, don’t you have an idea where she could be?”
“No, i don’t. Have you tried her.. Hello..” the line went dead then Miracle became speechless. “What is going on?” she thought and dialed Joyce’s number.
Of course Joyce saw her parents calls even Miracle’s but ignored them. She totally put her phone off after sometimes.
Nath was still awake lying on the bench in the shop wondering how Cynthia was doing. He was restless trying to kill flying mosquitoes. He wore a white singlet and a pare of trouser which his oga in the mechanic work gave to him after explaining to him how he ended up there. Sooner did he remember Joyce and her last statement; THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU WILL SEE OR HEAR FROM ME.
Nath became sad. He knew how helpful Joyce had been to him right from day one. Even how hopelessly she was inlove with him. “But is it my fault that i couldn’t love her back?” he began to think. “I’m so sorry, Joyce. How i wish you understand…” he jumped up from the bench to the scary voice of bad boys he heard. They were two in number with daggers in their hands wearing black clothings from head to toe.
“Sshhh, just keep quiet!” one of them demonstrated with the dagger inbetween his lips.
“Please, take everything i have but don’t kill me” Nath said.
Another guy slid him down on the floor in a way his buttocks forcefully hit the ground. “You no dey hear shut up?”
Nath grabbed his lips nodding his head positively in fear.
“Guy, make we do this thing fast comot here” one of the boys said. Then they covered Nath’s mouth and tied his legs and hands carrying him into a vehicle then sped off…
Back in the village, Mrs Mary, Nath’s mother was troubled that same night. She had been calling Nath’s number without getting to him. As a mother, she had the feelings that all wasn’t well with her son then she stood up tying only a wrapper. She looked up and said, “Father, wherever my son is, protect him for me and for his father who he is yet to know” she went back to bed facing upwards. “I will like to visit him tomorrow” she concluded in thought.
Nath was yet to know that he was being carried by ritualists as he struggled inside the boot of the car. The car sped on a quiet lonely road heading to the main city. Just as they got to a place where the car couldn’t enter, they carried him out moving inside a nearby bush. Nath knew it was becoming serious, he flung himself out from their hands to the ground. Fortunately, the rob holding his hands and legs got loosen. As they tried to grab him again, he pushed one on the floor and ran away while the other pursued him in the darkness. Nath untied his mouth and began to shout, “Help!” but nobody heard him.
The bad guy brought out his dagger, he targeted him and hit him with it then Nath fell on the ground as a result of it. When the guy came closer thinking he was dead Nath used the dagger on his stomach and continued running and gushing out blood at his back. When the other boy came, he found his partner lying on the floor in pain.
“Where is he?!”
“He has escaped” he replied with a low painful voice.
“What?! Shtt!”
“Please, help me” he added feeling his blood gushing out.
Nath got to the main road but couldn’t see anybody or car. He only saw streets light and electrical sign boards. He kept running. He saw a sign board written; KINGS HOTEL which is also the hotel Joyce lodged into.
“Please, help me!” Nath shook and hit the gate forcefully.
The gateman brought out a marchet gradually moving towards the gate which Nath was hitting continuously.
Joyce woke up when she heard the noise. Her room was on the third floor of the storey building hotel. She gently slid her cotton to behold the gate but it wasn’t clear enough. She could only see shadows.
Nath stopped when the gate cracked opened. The muscular gateman came out with a marchet.
“Please, help me” Nath knelt on the floor. “They want to kill me”
“Who are you?”
“My name is Nath, please, i beg you”
The gateman looked at the blood stains on his singlet then pitied him. “Stand up” he said then entered inside with him. Joyce narrowed her vision trying to comprehend the persons at the gate but she couldn’t as Nath sat on a cemented area while the gateman entered to get him some water..
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