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Must Read Story: Letter To My Girlfriend... Part 28
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Must Read Story: Letter To My Girlfriend... Part 28
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Chidusky (m)
1508833795 ago
If you missed the Part Twenty - Seven (27), read it HERE!!!

The gateman came out with both drinking water and another in a large bow. Yet, Joyce never averted her eyes from them trying so hard to comprehend what was going on there.
“What happened to you” the gateman placed the water in Nath’s hand. Nath couldn’t say a word. He pulled his singlet feeling his body aches.
“I was attacked by two boys who were taking me into a nearby bush”
“They must be ritualists. How come they got you?”
“They found me…” Nath paused. Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of Joyce’s window who closed it. As they stared, the light went off then Nath looked the gateman. “Who was that?”
“That must be one of our customers”
“They found me where i was sleeping in an open shop” Nath continued. “Do you know a place called Monnak?”
“Monnak” the gateman repeated. “Are you from there?”
“I’ve heard the name before, it is deep inside a town called Fehen City”
“Exactly!” Nath stood up. “How can i go back there?”
“Is very far” the gateman gazed at him with a finger on his jaw. “How did you end up in Kindagan?” he asked then both stared at each other.
Mrs Mary started her journey very early as planned and was closed to Monnak.
On the other hand, Mr Randy grew impatient wanting to see Nath again. He knocked at Agatha’s room and opened it instantly with a briefcase in his hand.
“Good morning, daddy” Agatha glanced at the clock: 9:50a.m. “Breakfast is on the table” she added from the bed where she gazed at the ceiling.
“What’s the latest news about that mechanic?” the father asked.
“No news yet”
“What of the girl you were contacting? Uhmm..”
“Yes, Cynthia”
“I’m planning to see her today and talk to her one on one”
“Come back with a tangible information because i want to involve the police”
Agatha turned sharply to her father. “Police? Why are you so interested in his finding?”
Mr Randy wanted to ignore the question again as he close the door but Agatha stood up angrily and said. “I demand an answer, Daddy!”
“Because you like him. Or shouldn’t i look for a way to make my daughter happy? If you don’t like it then I’ll quit!”
Agatha became speechless staring at him. “I’m sorry, Daddy” she said with a low voice then the father closed the door.
Agatha traced Cynthia’s house with the help of an address she gave her. Now both were in her compound sitting at the varander. Agatha could see how sad and dizzy Cynthia was looking with her head on the wall and one of her hands on her waist.
“So nobody knows Nath’s way about” Agatha began, then Cynthia shook her head negatively without looking at her. “What could befall him? I don’t just understand the whole thing” Agatha added angrily.
“I’m coming” Cynthia went inside, she came out with the letter and handed it to Agatha. “Nath wrote it. I found it at my gate”
“Oh, Christ! Are you saying that Nath is dead?!”
“No, i don’t believe it”
“Did he have any problem with anybody? Who is the last person you saw him with?” Agatha asked looking at her.
“With a girl called Joyce” Cynthia replied.
“Who is she to him?”
Cynthia ignored the question then stared at her.
“Tell me” Agatha persuaded.
“I guess she’s Nath’s mistress”
Agatha gave a weak smile and shook her head to adjust her hair. “I don’t get you. You mean Nath is double dating?”
Cynthia kept quite.
“Well, i think that Joyce needs to be questioned”
“Somebody called Emma also threatened Nath” Cynthia added.
“Who is Emma?”
“My suitor who i rejected”
“Wait wait wait, i don’t get the whole issue! I guess this Emma threatened Nath thinking he was taking you away from him”
“Then he knows where Nath is! Even that Joyce!” Agatha exclaimed…
Joyce came out of the hotel walking majestically in a yellow long gown which she supported with a hand. On her eyes were a pare of bold eyeglasses. When the gateman saw her entering her car, he opened the gate. “Good morning, madam!” he waved his hands.
“Morning” Joyce whined down the front glass. “How are you?”
“I’m fine, madam” the gateman kept smiling then Agatha turned off the car engine.
“I heard some noise yesterday night”
“Yes oh, madam, na one fine boy like that, bad boys attacked him and even wounded him”
“Oh my God! How’s he now?”
“He don comot”
“Alright.. but what is his name?”
“Umm..” the gateman scratched his head. “Chai, madam, i don forget. Don’t worry, before you come back i will remember it”
“Aright” Joyce smiled and gave him some cash.
As Agatha was coming out from Cynthia’s house with a conclusion of telling her father to involve the police, so as Mrs Mary also arrived at Nath’s apartment. She wore a lace still looking young with a fear complexion. “I said it oh! Where is my son?” she hit the window and doors.
Just then, Agatha saw her and came down immediately.
“Good morning madam. Are you looking for someone?”
“Yes oh, my son”
“You mean Nath?”
“Yes, Nathaniel”
“You are his mother?”
Agatha stared at her…
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