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Must Read Story: Letter To My Girlfriend... Part 29
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Must Read Story: Letter To My Girlfriend... Part 29
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Chidusky (m)
1508834117 ago
If you missed the Part Twenty - Eight (28), read it HERE!!!

Why are you asking me too much question nah?! I said where is my son?!” Mr Mary provoked looking at Agatha as she adjusted her wrapper.
“Madam, i said calm down, i think Nath traveled” Agatha brought out her phone.
“Traveled? Without telling me his mother?”
Agatha ignore her for a moment as she placed the phone on her ear and said, “Hello, Cynthia, Nath’s mother is here”
Cynthia jumped up from her chair. “Where is she?”
“Just come at Nath’s apartment” Agatha cut the call and glanced at Mrs Mary who was still inquisitive. She dusted a cemented area for her to sit which she reluctantly did.
Few minutes later, Cynthia arrived then Mrs Mary stared at her in the eyes.
“Good day, ma”
“Good day my daughter. Are you also Nathaniel’s friend?”
“Yes, ma”
“But where is he?”
“Uhmm..” Cynthia glanced at Agatha to look for a proper answer to that question. “Nath traveled for a work”
“Since when?”
“Three days now”
“Then why is his number not going through?”
“Maybe his battery is dead”
“For how many days?”
“Don’t worry, he will soon come back. You can stay at my..”
“Don’t worry” Agatha interrupted. “I will take her to my house so that she would rest there for sometimes” She stood up.
“Mummy, don’t worry, Nath will come back” Cynthia added before Mrs Mary stood up.
“You people are not saying the truth oh!” she concluded and followed Agatha..
Mr Williams had given deaf ears to where his daughter, Joyce had gone to, rather thinking what Mr Josh will do to him and his company in the next few days. As he drove out for a work, Miracle arrived. She found Mrs Williams in the sittingroom looking hopeless then sat beside her with her hand on her shoulder.
“Is Joyce not yet back?”
“Yes oh”
“This is serious!” Miracle brought out her phone dialing Joyce’s number, yet nobody picked. “I think she ran away due to the pressure on her to marry Mento”
“Yes, i think so. But at least she should have told me”
“Don’t worry she will come back” Miracle consoled her.
As Agatha drove to her destination with Mrs Mary trying to surprise her father, so as Joyce returned to Kings Hotel in Kindagan. Inside her car were provisions and becked cakes. The gateman opened the gate and saluted her with a hand beside his forehead smiling.
Joyce whined down her front glass. “It seems you are happy today”
“Why i no go dey happy, madam?”
“Alright, enjoy” Joyce wanted to move but the gateman stopped her.
“Madam, i don remember the name”
“Whose name?” Joyce had forgotten already.
“The fine boy nah who…”
“Okay!” Joyce interrupted.
“He talk say his name na Nath”
“Yes, madam”
“Wait” Joyce parked her car properly and came back to the gateman instantly. “You mean Nath for Nathaniel?”
“Madam, me i no know oh whether na Nathaniel or Nathaplank watin he tell me na Nath” the gateman replied. Suddenly Nath walked in through the gate with a bathing soap in his hand. His eyes caught with Joyce’s and they stared at each other then the soap fell from his hand. They called their names at the same time making the gateman look stupid and woozy.
“Nath, what are you doing here?” Joyce questioned.
“I should be asking you that?”
“Madam, do you know him?” the gateman interfered.
“Yes, i know him” Joyce was carried away with pity when she saw bruises on Nath’s body. She wanted to hold him but hesitated. “Please, let’s enter inside” she said with a soft voice.
Nath picked his soap and followed her at the very sight of the gateman who shouted, “Hey! Na so this world be? Small boy wey i help last night don follow fine girl enter room. Nawao!”
Mrs Mary couldn’t believe the home she found herself into. She kept admiring the sittingroom as she was made to sit by Agatha whose suspicion was about to be made clear.
“Don’t worry, Nath will soon be back, ma” Agatha came around. “What would you like to eat?”
“What is your name?” Mrs Mary questioned.
“Oh, pardon me, my name is Agatha Randy”
“Randy?” Mrs Mary turned sharply.
“Yes, any problem?”
“No, my daughter”
“Okay, let me bring you something to eat” Agatha went inside kitchen at the same time called her father..
Back to Kings Hotel inside Joyce’s room, Nath sat on the bed while Joyce entered the bathroom. Both had not exchanged words again. Nath noticed she wasn’t happy with him probably because of the last encounter they had.
“Your water is ready” Joyce came out. “You can go in and take your bath” she added without looking at him as she shuffled her wardrobe to bring out T-shirt which would suit Nath. Nath quietly entered the bathroom wondering what was going on in Joyce’s mind. Few minutes later, he came out tying only a towel. His eyes caught with Joyce’s who was on the bed and they averted their eyes immediately. Joyce stood up and handed those T-shirt to him then returned to the bed again.
“Thank you” Nath broke the silence.
“Welcome” she replied.
“What happened?
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