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Must Read Story: Letter To My Girlfriend... Part 30
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Must Read Story: Letter To My Girlfriend... Part 30
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Chidusky (m)
1508834413 ago
If you missed the Part Twenty - Nine (29), read it HERE!!!

A Story Written By Bright Daniel

Nath moved towards the mirror without responding to Joyce remembering who Mento is and what they did to him.
“Everybody is looking for you at Monnak, how did you come here?” Joyce was still inquisitive. Then Nath slowly turned looking at her. “Who is Mento?” he asked.
“How do you know the name?” Joyce sat up curiously.
“They nearly killed me”
“They?” she finally stood up. “Who are they?”
“They were three, one i know and had encounter with some days back. His name is Emma”
“What did they want from you?” Joyce questioned but Nath kept quiet facing the mirror again. Then Joyce gently moved towards him, she wanted to touched him but suspended when Nath turned.
“He thought i was taking you away from him” Nath replied moving towards where his cloths were.
“Is that why they wanted to kill you? This is serious! What business do you have with other two boys?”
“The one called Emma is Cynthia’s suitor. I don’t know who the other person is”
Joyce became sad and speechless, at the same time angry. She quietly sat on the bed without looking at Nath.
Few minutes later, after Nath dressed up, he also sat on the edge of the bed.
“I want to go back to Monnak” Nath broke the silence.
“Let me call Miracle so that she will tell others that you are still alive. They all think you are dead”
Joyce took her phone and dialed Miracle’s number…
Mr Randy arrived when Mrs Mary was still at the dining table eating with Agatha who told her funny stories about Nath just to relieve tension from her system. She quickly stood up when she heard her Daddy’s car.
“Where are you going to?” Mrs Mary asked.
“To welcome my Daddy” Agatha’s voice echoed from the door. Few seconds later Mrs Mary heard her voice outside saying, “Welcome Daddy!”
“You seems happy today” Mr Randy’s voice sounded familiar to her ear making her listen more attentively staring at the door. She finally stood up when Mr Randy came in with Agatha then she rattled the dining chair which brought Mr Randy’s attention. Both stared at each other while Agatha adjust to a corner seeing their surprise faces and getting an answer to her suspicions and questions.
“Mary?” Randy called.
“Randy?” Mrs Mary called too. “Is this really you?”
“Yes, is me my love”
Hearing that, Agatha stared at her father with open eyes and mouth. Before they knew what was happening, Mrs Mary fainted. They rushed her.
“Daddy what is happening?!”
“Stop asking me questions and bring me water!”
Agatha ran out while Mr Randy held Mrs Mary across the shoulder. “Please, stay with me my love” he said again. Few seconds later Agatha came back with water which was applied on her before she coughed..
Miracle drove faster to Cynthia’s house with double news-Nath and Joyce are alive. She barged in through the gate and saw Mrs Morgan sitting outside.
“Good day, ma”
“Who are you and why did you barge into my house like that?”
“Please, i want to see Cynthia”
Cynthia, hearing her name ran out. “What is it?”
“Nath is alive!”
“Hey! How do you know? I mean where is he?”
“Joyce found her”
Hearing the name Joyce, Cynthia’s face changed but she hid it. “Please, can i talk to him?”
“Of course, that’s why I’m here” Miracle dialed Joyce number then Nath picked.
“Hello, this is Nath”
“Nath, Cynthia wants to talk to you”
“Please, give her the phone”
Cynthia handled the phone gently and said with a soft voice and wet eyes, “Nath?”
“Yes, my love” Nath replied without minding the presence of Joyce who became jealous instantly.
“I thought, you are dead” she sniffed in tears.
“I am alive, please, don’t cry again. I will soon be with you”
“Alright, i love you”
“I love you too”
“Wait! Why did you suddenly disappear?”
“We shall talk about that when i come back. Bye” the line went off.
Nath answered the call looking through the window. Now he was through, he turned to Joyce who sat on the bed quietly.
“I deeply apologise for what i put you through” Joyce began. “I will make sure Mento regret it”
“Is okay, is not your fault” Nath replied.
“Then whose fault is it?” Joyce questioned and both remained quieted as she moved to her bag. She brought out a bunch of money and gave it to Nath. “Go home with it”
“Thanks, but what about you?” Nath asked then Joyce stared into his eyes…
Miracle had gone home. Meanwhile, Joyce had told her not to tell her parents where she is.
At Mr Randy’s resident, Mrs Mary were sitting beside Mr Randy while Agatha stood opposite them with her hands folded looking very inquisitive.
“Daddy, may i know what is going on now?”
“Is a long story my daughter”
“Then make it short!”
Mr Randy looked at Mrs Mary. “How did you end up here”
“I came insearch of my son, Nathaniel. Your son precisely”
Mr Randy opened his eyes staring at her.
“Yes, i was pregnant for you before we were separated” Mrs Mary added.
“Wait!” Agatha adjusted forward. “Are you saying that Nath is my brother? My blood?” Just then her phone ran-Cynthia was calling…
To Be Continued…
Wisdomboy (m)
1 year ago
Hoooo, pls next part.
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