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Must Read: The Choir Girls & I… Episode 11
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Must Read: The Choir Girls & I… Episode 11
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Chidusky (m)
1502138552 ago
If you missed the part Ten (10), read it HERE!!!

After our first bout of S£x, we settled down to watch television. We watched “One Tree Hill”, an American teenage movie series. As we watched, I asked her if she was hungry. She answered affirmatively. So, I served us the rice, this time with eggs and macaroni. She sat on my lap as I fed her. As we ate, we would lean in and kiss each other, and it made the meal tastier. I was wearing only my boxers and she was tying my spare towel, so the contact of our skins was sending me signals. I took my time to enable her get some strength before I would connect. As we ate and watched the movie, we talked about many stuff. She told me about her growing up (coincidentally, we both grew up in barracks), she told me about her first boyfriend, the first time she had S£x, and many more. In fact, she told me almost all about her life history (although I suspect some parts of it were fiction e.g the part Where she saw snow in Ghana and Where her Dad took her to Wackyz, Lagos Branch). I still found it interesting anyway. I also felt funny. Women don’t go around tying towels in my house. Anyways, we finished eating and watched like two episodes from the movie, by then I knew she had gathered some energy, I began to push for a second bout of steaming S£x. She sat on the chair and rested her back against my chest. I began to tease her by kissing her ears. She’d giggle and say “stooopp” but I knew she was enjoying it. Then Lucas and Brooke(characters in the movie), began a hot session of romance.

I took this as my vantage point and began to kiss her neck. She closed her eyes and moaned very softly. Then I turned her to face me and attacked her juicy lips. We kissed passionately and then we rose from the chair, still kissing. I turned her round, such that she was facing me and I was facing way to the room. I began to take some slow steps forward as she took hers backwards. We were kissing as we moved. Then as we entered the room, I loosed the towel from her body and dropped it.

Man, she has a great body. Her boo*bs were firm and erect, with her nip*ples standing hard like two serious soldiers. I kissed her onto the bed, then I began to suck her boo*bs. She began to moan more “aaaaaahhhhh…..uuuuuuussshhhh….. Hmmmm”. I sucked on her boo*bs like they were gonna vanish any moment and it was sending waves of passion throughout her body. Then I began to Tip softly on her nip*ples. She let out a loud moan “aaaaaaaaarrghhhh”…… then I raised her up that we were both sitting on the bed, then she threw her head back and I attacked those succulent boo*bs again……Just then we perceived something burning and our senses returned a bit. The smell was coming from the kitchen. I jumped down and ran there. Lo, I forgot to put off the electric cooker I used in boiling the eggs we ate. Water was dropping on it from the plates i washed which were in the cabinet above, and each time a drop of water fell on it, it would make a “sshh” sound.
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