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Must Read: The Choir Girls & I… Episode 19
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Must Read: The Choir Girls & I… Episode 19
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Chidusky (m)
1502840267 ago
If you missed the Episode Eighteen (18), read it HERE!!!

As I sucked her, I felt her pressing my head onto her chest. I began to rub one boo*b as I sucked the other. Her moans were increasing “aaaahhhhh….. hnnmmmm……. yhhhhhh…. ooooooo….. “. Then I slid my hand down her tummy to her vjay and dipped my finger into her hot, wet and ready honeypot. immediately my finger entered her, she moaned “aaaaahhhh….”. Definitely she was surprised at what a guy’s finger in her coochie could do to her. The pleasure was immeasurable. I began to finger-fuc*k her and she began to grind my coochie against my finger… her moans at that moment ranged from “asssshhhhh…… yyyeeeeeehh…..uuuuhhhh, to… ooooooo…… arrrrghhhh…… yeeeeeeh…. ”
I fingered her for sometime when I realized that my rod was protesting. It was up and erect, ready to go to work. I knew ready to enter into the honeypot but there was a major problem. The Condoms were in my wallet in my trouser, and my trouser was somewhere in the passage between the kitchen and the room. Standing up at that moment was going to be a kill-joy Co’s it would destroy the moment. I had to think fast.
Seeing that no other means were available, I decided to do it skinnie. As she layed on the the bed, I moved up slowly. She opened her eyes and looked at me. We both knew that that was the moment. She smiled at me and I smiled back. Then I guarded my dic*k to the entrance to her puss*y, rubbed it there a little ,then I entered into her welcoming honeypot.
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