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Must Read: The Choir Girls & I… Episode 3
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Must Read: The Choir Girls & I… Episode 3
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Chidusky (m)
1501348942 ago
If you missed the part Two (2), read it HERE!!!

When we got to the reception, the driver went in with the other girl without saying a single word to us. I began chatting with Mimi when my M.D came and took us inside. I sat down with him, his friend and two other ladies at a round table. They were discussing some stuff about the married couples but that wasn’t my point of interest. my point of interest was with Mimi. what she said in the guy got me thinking many things. I wondered if I was gonna f*uck her during the reception. I kept thinking of what she meant when she said that “naughty”. Well it didn’t take long to find out. A few minutes after we settled down, Mimi asked them to give a few minutes to take a couple of photos. So we walked outside. The reception hall was part of a hotel. she led me out of the hall towards the main building of the hotel, Then she turned left and we got to a little flat. She slipped her hand in her bag and brought out a key and opened the door. I opened my mouth to say “where did u get that key”, when she looked at me and laughed. “relax “, she said, “I work here” I sat on a plastic chair in the living room and she went inside to drop her bag, Then she called my name. I went inside and she asked me to help her hang her wall clock that fell down. I climbed on a small table and helped her with it. Then I came down and she made to walk into the parlor. I drew her back in and asked her to explain what she meant when she said “naughty” in the car. She laughed and said I didn’t wanna know.

I insisted that I’d love to know. Then she asked me to close my eyes. I did and immediately I felt her lips on mine. I opened my mouth and kissed her back. as we kissed, I drew my hands to her bottom and squeezed it. she moaned “jagsssss “. I didn’t stop there…I kissed her entire face down to her neck and buried my head in between her bosoms. she pushed my head closer indicating her wants. I was happy to oblige. as I worked on her bottom with one hand, i used the other to unzip the gown. I knew we had to be fast since people were waiting for us and I didn’t want to miss my goddess when she arrived. I didn’t pull off the gown. I just dragged it down a bit and released her bosoms. Her nipp*les were hard already as wave after wave of passion washed through her. Then I felt her hands working on my belt. As soon as my trouser fell off, I pushed her on her bed and stepped out of it. I joined her on the bed, unhooked her pink bra and began sucking her bosoms. She began speaking in tongues. “Oh jagssssss…..suck me…….suck me baby……bleeping suck me………….oohhh……. yes…yes…yes……you’re killing me….” “We’re having quick S£x and you’re claiming I’m killing you” I thought to myself, “if I spend one hour with you, Then you will surely die”. as I sucked her boo*b’s, I slid my hand hand into her panties and pulled it down. it was matching pink also. Then I slid in one finger in her wet Kittycat and began manipulating her…..”oh my……”she exclaimed..

To BE continued....
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