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Must Read: The Choir Girls & I… Episode 6
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Must Read: The Choir Girls & I… Episode 6
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Chidusky (m)
1501627601 ago
If you missed the part Five (5), read it HERE!!!

…….I pushed Mimi deeper into the garage. our eyes locked for some seconds then I kissed her again, deeper this time. she opened her mouth and kissed me back. then I grabbed her a*ss and squeezed it. she moaned again. I began to kiss her all over her face. I kissed her down to her neck through to her chest then I buried my head in her cleavage. as I squeezed her a*ss I used my free hand to pull down her gown to the stomach level, releasing her delicious looking boo*bs. I took one look at them and swooped on them. I began to suck her boo*bs as she began to moan loudly…”ooooh….. aaarghhh….jags……suck me…..oh suck me baby……..” I loved her moaning cos it sent currents through my body. knowing I had limited time I moved my hand from her a*ss to her already wet puss*y and I began to finger fuc*k her. I used one finger as she began to moan softly, then I increased it to two fingers and her moanings increased simultaneously….. “oooh….. jagggssss…….jaggy baby I need u….no owwww…..please baby……I need u”, her moaning had turned to begging. I used my free finger to clear out my wallet and bring out a condom. she fought off my trousers and my boxers and began to massage my rod. She rubbed it as my John Thomas increased to a breaking point. then she fell on her knees and began to suck me.” owww… ” I moaned. Wave after wave of passion washed over me. She sucked me for minutes and after about 8 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and I came in her mouth.

Surprisingly, she swallowed every bit of spunk that I released. This turned me on. then she yanked up the skirt and began to rub her yansh against my rooster. she rubbed against me as if she was rocking me until my rooster became hard again. I turned her round, then made her go down on all fours, wore my condom over my rooster and I entered her wet honey pot from behind and began to bang away. She began to moan, this time in pidgin… “oohhhh….yesssss….. this boy go kill me today….. jags…..jagsssss oooo….. yeeeaaahhhh……I Don die……fuc*k me ooooo… fuc*k me……….” her moans drove me wild as I began to bang harder…I banged her for some minutes then I pulled out and asked her to stand. I made her lean on the wall of the garage then I raised one of her legs up and I entered into her. the entrance was so hot and sweet that we both gasped in unison. Then I began to bang her…..and she was speaking in tongues. I banged her for some time when I felt my phone vibrate on the floor. I knew it was my M.D, so I upped my pace and banged her faster…. faster…her moans went somewhat like “yeh! yeh! yeh!….I’m coming o…..yes….I don die o….yeh! ” I knew she was going to Pour any moment so I banged faster and we came. together. I withdrew from her, Tore off the CD and tied it. she showed me a nearby open toilet where I went and flushed it. I came back to see her fully dressed. “She’s fast” I thought yo myself. I kissed her again and stroke her Bosom. She smiled at me.

She knew I had to go, so she collected my number and flashed mine. I saved it and kissed her again. she blushed and told me to get going and that she’d go out through another path. I Smiled at her,then turned to leave, when she pulled me and kissed me… I kissed her back for a few moments as I stroke her boo*bs, then I broke up and said I’d call her, then I left, feeling fulfilled. My M.D called again. I picked up and told him I was with some friends and that I’m coming. I got to them and he gave me #3,000. That made a total of #13,000. (The church gave me #10,000). Then I climbed into the car and Mr Camry drove us home.

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