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Must Read: THE UNIVERSITY PRESTOS (Season 2)... Part 15
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Must Read: THE UNIVERSITY PRESTOS (Season 2)... Part 15
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Chidusky (m)
1488970869 ago
If you missed the part Fourteen (14), read it HERE!!!

Episode 15
Smith: wow they are really fighters
Presley: well I wasnt talking about you
Melissa: you better not except you want to empty that pool(they stood near me)
Presley: whatever!
Smith: preston where are the other members? Its just you and preston here..
Preston: they are in the general house.
Smith: why did you abandon them? They are suppose to be with you all the time…
Preston: those guys are rogues they rebelled against me to give them freedom and they got the freedom only preston stood by me and joined me to fight against them. That fight went on for two weeks. I got shot during that period preston was the one who saved me. Thats why I owe preston a lot.
Presley: anytime
Melissa: (scoffs) it baffles me how tigers fight like cats and still win battles…
Presley: and it makes me wonder how a cow behaves like a lioness in the jungle…
Melissa: you so just crossed the line
Preston: you too! Whatever..
The night went deeper it was 2am and they were still discussing. I love my sleep so much that I had to sleep like a baby on preston’s chest. I woke up to see them still discussing, it was just 5am and the nobles were not left out…
Me: I am sorry I slept. Good morning all… did I miss anything?
Melissa: yeah you sure did especially the part I punched presley out of that stool…
Presley: I let you do it if I was to get back at you you would have been dead by now
Melissa: all you know how to do is to rattle that little mouth of yours!
Preston: good morning also.
Me: there is someone at the gate( looking at the light which was in the shade)
There was a particular light at the shade that turns green to red whenever someone was at the gate…
Preston: how did you know?
Me:this is my house remember??
Preston: of course!
Melissa: I will go and get it. I don’t like looking at weaklings…
Presley: are you referring to me?
Melissa: (scoffs) who are you??!
She left and came back with a group of boys wearing red and white about fidteen in number…
Melissa: they came to look for preston
Preston: yeah sure! Baby I hope you don’t mind?
Me: of course not.. anything for you..
Preston:thanks.. so how have you guys been?
Charles a member of the P.P): we have been fine except for the fact that ebuka joined the B.W.
Preston: I knew that one day that guy was going to betray me. It was obvious when he shot me…
Charles: I heard the news about master so I guess we would be joining the confraternities.
Preston: you also know?
Charles: yeah. Master sent me the message
Presley: hmmm finally. So where is that girl that wanted to join us then?
Charles: and you where is miranda?
Presley: she is inside
Charles: why?? I thought you guys were inseparable? Honey and bee
Presley: are you mocking or insulting me?
Charles: what if I am?
Presley: then you are nothing
Charles: that doesnt mean anything bro..
Presley: at least charles show some respect and not this your rebellious attitude….
Everybody heard a voice and turned to see the person..

To be continued..
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