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Must Read: THE UNIVERSITY PRESTOS (Season 2)... Part 9
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Must Read: THE UNIVERSITY PRESTOS (Season 2)... Part 9
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Chidusky (m)
1488031616 ago
If you missed the part Eight (8), read it HERE!!!

Episode 9
She stood up wipes her tears and went to meet presley..
Miranda: baby I am sorry for my attitude lately you dont deserve any of it..
(she started crying again. Presley hugged her)
Everything was settled and we went to preston’s house to find a shocking site.. the house was burnt only the ash was seen around… suddenly fear gripped me.
Preston: whats wrong?
Me: brenden’s still alive
Preston: so? Come on pull yourself together its not the end of the world…
Me: what if my father decides to make peace with me and finds out I am dead.
Preston: nobody’s gonna kill you look at what your doing to yourself please stop it…
Me: I hope everything will be fine.
We had no choice than to go to my house…I was happy to see my orange jeep in the house. I parked it at preston’s before going with him to his parents house. We got inside to find the girls training, they stopped seeing us..
Melissa: welcome back mistress(the ither girls still welcomed me)
Me: thank you. Where is linda,carey and nora?
Melissa: you still recognised us to know the missing ones…
Me:why wont i?
Melissa:they resigned due to the war we fought during the holiday with brenden which got preston’s house burnt down…. brenden is still alive..
Me i was weak so I sat down slowly) where are they right now?
Melissa: brenden’s gang or the girls?
Me:the girls
Melissa: they might have arrived at Europe and may be possibly telling your father everything…
Me: what about you? Wont you all leave me before it gets too late?
Melissa holding my hands) of course we will
Me: really?(crying)
Melissa: and that can only be possible when death takes us…
Me crying) thank you very much…please remove the tracker because I knew you were watching me ever since.
Melissa:hahahahah of course…
She removed it. Preston,presley and miranda watched us silently..
Melissa: are we to go to the duplex?
Me f course not there are more than enough rooms here….
Melissa: thank you then…
Presley and miranda entered into one of the rooms…while presley came into mine….there twenty four rooms in the passage… miranda’s room was opposite miranda and presley’s room. While annabella’s room was opposite I and preston’s….the other girls were opposite empty room. We slept peacefully…
The next day we all went to campus. This time I didnt refuse the nobles following me. As we alighted from the car, someone pinched me me from behind as I turned to see the person…
Brenden: what a long time milly (smiling) I screamed and went to the other side and hid behind preston and watched from his shoulders.
Brenden was still coming forward, six feets away from us when Melissa walked info the middle….
Melissa: stay away!
Brenden thank God i get to see you properly now. Who are you by the way?
Melissa: I have too many personalities but in your case I am your worse nightmare…
Brenden: little girl leave here right now if you dont want to det hurt…
Melissa laughing) think aback little boy since my encounter with you who has been getting hurt?
Brenden:how dare you?
Melissa: nothing dares me. Leave our mistress alone if you want peace….
Brenden: your mistress?
Melissa: what! Havent you heard of that word before? Well I dont blame you you look like a dull one indeed and you better close that mouth of yours of you dont want to host a fly..
We left him there. I wasnt comfortable at all. I was scared in class. My mind wasnt settled but I had hope because the nobles was just outside my department.
I was happy when brenden didnt come to class. We all left and went home after classes.

To be continued..
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