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Must Read: Whatsapp Adventure… Part 23
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Must Read: Whatsapp Adventure… Part 23
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Chidusky (m)
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If you missed the part Twenty - two (22), read it HERE!!!

A story written by onyejena

I check the time, it was 6.48 pm, running out of time, I quickly stoop up, wore my cloth and she gave me the phone and I took it and ran off to avoid missing dinner call, I got home, opened the door

Chuks. Oga were have you been, since 5.30 till now,

Dan. I don’t really know you like this ooo, you have totally changed, do you know how worried we are?

Me. Am sorry guys I just accomplished a little mission,

Chuks. What mission that you cannot even tell us before going??

Dan. Mission and accomplishment, lol,

Me. Ok guys like I said before am sorry, (I turned back and locked the door,) when we came back, I remember that miss ade asked me to see her at her office today, which I failed, that’s why I went to her house to apologize and also bring the package,

Chuks. Is that why u didn’t notify us before going? Don’t you know that we always gat you back? If we know were you went to,? Don’t do this again, this school is full of securities, when ever you want to fail a rule, tell us so we can watch your back,

Dan.and why do you have to take all this times?anyway were is the package??

I showed them the phone, they were so happy for me,

Chuks. Wow tony a samsung phone? Wow this is beautiful, am happy for you, did she install a whatsapp massenger for you??

Me. Yes she did,

Chuks. Ok let me add my self, he insert his mobile number and saved It, then he minimized it and opened my whatsapp and chatted him self, then went to his back and brought out his phone,

Me. Wow oga you already know how to do all this,?

Chuks. Do you know amina also uses phone?
Her named all our student he knows uses phone in our school, including senior ivie, I was surprised and he even told me, he has almost all of them on his what’s app, and he also told me that his quarrel with amina even started from their whatsapp chat, and not that he hates her naturally, he showed me all of them on his whatsapp contact list, and all their pictures, I was getting interested on this whatsapp of a thing, then he showed me a group that they use to chat together, and said he knows all of them from the group, then he opened the group and typed to the group,( hey st charles, we have a new member from my lodge,) from the chat everybody in the group was like guest who it was, some were asking if it was dan and other were asking if it was me, I was surprise many of our students both seniors and juniors already knows my name, chuks letter added my cell number and asked them to add me up to the group, we were still on the whatsapp issue when the bell for dinner sounded, then we quickly off mobiles and headed out for dinner,

We got to the hall before amina and her room mates, we got seated and were discussing,
Everywhere was covered with noise from the pupils, soon I saw amina coming with her friend, she walked pass us and they occupied the next empty seats, I saw dan and chuks looking at me on smiley way,

Chuks. (On a low tune, ) tony do u know she was online when I added your number to the group and she even guest its you, hope you saw it,

Me. Hmmmmmm,,,

After the dinner, we all headed to the prep hall for prep, were chuks got lost and I was teaching dan the rules of mathematics, amina and her friends were seating next to me, she was reading and never cared to look at me,

One junior came to me and notified me that a senior student wanted to see me, I excused dan and followed the junior student, we got to were the senior was staying, it was senior ivie, seating at the back of the prep hall all alone, she told the junior student to leave which she did,

Ivie. Hi, tony do you have a cell phone?????

To be continued

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