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Must Read: Whatsapp Adventure… Part 32
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Must Read: Whatsapp Adventure… Part 32
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Chidusky (m)
1501625733 ago
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If you missed the part Thirty - one (31), read it HERE!!!

The end of season 1

I was shocked that I almost shouted, so senior ivie dey hammer almost all the students, so this senior ivie don strong like this, I guest she was also shocked when she saw me, because her voice was shaking when she answered my greeting, I quickly maintained and pretended as if nothing has happened between us,,

Emy. Tony I asked you, were do you think we should go,?

Me. Oh let go to the pitch side

Emy. Yea I think the atmosphere there would be better,

We left while senior and ivie were on his bed talking something I couldn’t hear,, we got to the pitch and sat down while I told him all the secret to a player strength that I know,, and always promised to always call him whenever am going for personal trainings,, after staying long we retired for our homes,,

In the night miss ade called me to know why I haven’t been showing up since saturday, and she asked to see me at her house tomorrow afternoon,, tuesday morning I went for training and when I came back, I refresh up and slept off till 1pm, i got up and prepared and went off to miss ade’s house, on my way I meet with miss sandra,

Me. Good afternoon ma.

Miss sandra. Same to you tony, how have you been,

Me. Fine ma.

Miss sandra. I have been looking for you in and out of this school since sunday, last saturday u made us proud again and I even bought a gift for you on sunday, but I couldn’t see you,,

Me. Oh thank you ma, I was around just that I was tired to come out apart from prep time and food times,, am sorry ma,

Miss sandra. You don’t have to be sorry dear,, that reminds me, last time I asked you to bring some books to my office, but u didn’t and adewumi has to bring it her self,,

Me. I tried to bring it ma,, but the maths teacher entered the class immediately you left ma,, so the literature teacher offered to help me ma,, forgive me..

Miss sandra. Its ok, were are you heading to now,,

Me. Am just going to meet with my friends at the play ground,,

Miss sandra.. Ok, like I said before I bought a gift for you,, so do branch to my house while coming back,,

Me. Ok ma,,(who know what she want from me,, do she also want to turn me to her sexton?))

I left her and headed to miss ade place, I knocked at her door, she opened the door and let me in,,

Miss ade. Wow tony I have been waiting for,, see how handsome you look this afternoon

Me. Thank you ma,,

Miss ade. Did you see my massage on your whatsapp??

Me. No ma.

Miss ade, you know I promised to give you what ever you asked for if you could score a goal on the game against the Brains last week?, of which you did,,

Me. Yes ma,

Miss ade. Ok let me tell you what I wrote on your whatsapp,, I said that my kid sister would be coming to see me today, that I would like you to meet with her,, she is also intelligent like you,

Me. Ok ma, is she here yet?

Miss ade. yes, she is in the room,,
now tell me what do you request from me, for scoring that good goal that made us happy,,

Me. A cold bottle of sprite ma.( Being a sharp guy, I intentionally choosed that, because I don’t want to ask much, and also I know what is already waiting for me, so I comported my self and acted like a fool, you know say igbo no dey carry last,,)

Miss ade. Really?? Just a sprite,, ok I will get it for you, but I will have to go to the canteen,, SHADE, (she called out for her sister)

Shade. Yes anti (as she came,s out from the room,)

Miss ade. This is tony, my favorite student and a good friend, and tony this is shade my only sister, you guy should chat and know each other while I get something outside,,

Wow, shade is simply the most beautiful girl I have ever set my eyes on in this world, she is so beautiful even without make up, her eyes were killing, she is black, infact her own black is beautiful, she has a very nice b–bs and a big and portable waist that suits that her killing shape,, she has that shape of a figure 8, she is tall and with a straight. Legs,, and most especially her pink lips that kept calling me for a kiss, she is about the age of 17, I got intimidated by her beauty that I even lost my voice to speak,

Shade. Hi dear my sister has told me much about you,

To be continued in season 2

Thanks for you u all and dont forget to drop a comment.
trizzydaprinz (m)
1501713805 ago
Real fun
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