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Must Read: Whatsapp Adventure… Part 9
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Must Read: Whatsapp Adventure… Part 9
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Chidusky (m)
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If you missed the part Eight (8), read it HERE!!!

A story written by onyejena

We ran around the field for like 20 min, before he blow the whistle for us to stop,
Then he took us to the middle of the field for personal trainings, though about 5 new players has quitted while running, and the strong head ones like us still remains,, after some stretching he picks up to speak to us,
Couch. Goodmorning great players,
All players. Goodmorning couchee,
Couch. We are going to do a little training this morning, which will help me to pick out some of you, whom will participate on the evening match against marcons academy, this evening, please the new players step aside, we moved out, he counted us, we were 8 in numbers, he asked to pick the red jessy at his left side, then he called out two players and one goal keeper from the old players to join us, which they did, the he choosed the old players and asked them to pick the blue jessy at his right side,
Then he told them to play there normal positions, he then turn to us and said,
You all are welcome to our great team, we will be looking up to you today, then he brought out a big black bag containing football boot and asked us to fix on our sizes, which we did peacefully, he then continue,
Look at the number on your jessey and occupy it, i looked at mine, it was number 7, then i moved to the right side of the pitch, ready to play,,
The old players passed the balls showing their skills on us, then they played a short, but my number 4 stopped it and passes to my number 2, who passes to another player, i moved immediately to were i could get the ball, they passed to me, i drilled their number 2, took him to race on the line, then i stopped with my ball, he ranned passed me, then i passed to one of my player who kicked it back to me, then i crossed to my number 9, who wanted to kick it to d net,
But missed, then the couch called me out and asked my name, which i told him, he asked me to switched positions with the number 9, which i did ,
Wow, the boy was very good. In the number 7 position, he dribbles, and never miss to pass or cross, very well, i saw the ball went to him, he dribbled two peoples at once, pass to me at number 9, i collected, moved a little bit, and fires a shot, which entered the net,, and all our player, celebrated the goal joyfully, i scored another goal before the end of the training, which made it 2-1 wins,
Couch. Wow, you guys are the best, i can see we have many stars here, and with the. Way u guys played today, i think we are going to win champions league, you all can now go back to your various rooms and rest, and don’t forget to report here immediately 3p.m, thanks for your hard work,
All players. Thanks couchee,,

As we were heading inside, many player were being nice and friendly to me, asking my name and complimenting me on the training performance, I went inside,my two room mates were not in, I took my bath, went strieght to the dinner hall to request my breakfast, I saw many players eating, I joined, and after eating I went back inside and relax on my bed and slept off, I woke up around 1, and saw my two roommate playing whot card, I slugishly asked,
Me, were una get the whot from??,
Dan, I got it from those guys on d room next door,
Me ok,
Chuks, how was una training?
Me. Fine,
Chuks, is there anything in this world that you don’t know how to do,
Me. Lol, abeg free me,
I got up, went to bathroom, wash my face and went to wardrobe, wore my cloth and was heading out of the room to miss ade office,

To be continued...
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