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Must Read: Whatsapp Adventure (Season 2)… Part 4
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Must Read: Whatsapp Adventure (Season 2)… Part 4
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Chidusky (m)
1502135749 ago
If you missed the Part Three (3), read it HERE!!!

i turned and looked at miss ade who continued to beg the principal to spare me, the whole teachers and student was surprised and quiet at miss ade,s drama, amina was already crying, as she looks at me with disbelieve,
principal. miss adewumi!!!
miss ade. sir please forgive him its all my fault,
principal. how can you be this way. you gave a cell phone to a little boy like this for what reason, what relationships do u have with him,? you are helping to defile the rules of this great school, how can you be so foolish,
miss ade eyes was so red as she kept quiet, still sobbing,
principal. you will be fired along side him to teach others a lesson, none of you deserve to be in this school, go to your rooms and pack tour belongings, you will be leaving in 1hour time,
students were dismissed to their various classes, as me and miss ade went to our various rooms to pack our things,
after like one hour, am ready to go, the principal gave me a letter to give to my uncle, as i headed out to the school entrace, i was about stepping out of the gate crying, when i heard my name,(tony) the person slapping my face,then i woked up, oh thankGod its was just a dream, i felt asleep while thinking about what just happened on WhatsApp
chuks. guy why u dey cry nah. them dey beat you for dream?
dan. what happend tony.
i touched my face, oh there was tears rolling down my cheeks for real, and my pillows are already wet,
i didnt even answer their jamb questions, as i climbed down the bed went to the bathroom and wash my face, guy talk to us nah, you really scared us, chuks said as i returned to the room,

i narrated all the story to them, both what happened on whatsapp and the dream,
chuks. if na the principal be that na im be say real casala don bust,
me. (all my fears came back as i heard him speak that way my heart started beating faster than yoruba drum,) but how can the principal get to know its me.
chuks. you know i heard that the principal has been searching for the peoples that uses phone in this school, because the securities reported that they heard a phone ringing one midnight at the seniors quarter,
more fear hugged me oo,
dan. you know it might not be the principal oo, maybe its one of the students that wanted to scare you. so check very well.
chuks. yes oo, na true, did you check the person picture,?
me. noo.
chuks. bring your phone firstblets see the chat.
i reached for my bag, switched my phone and lunched whatsapp,
to my surprise the person has already more than 5 new chat for me.

then i clicked and opened it.

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