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Must Read: Whatsapp Adventure (Season 2)… Part 7
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Must Read: Whatsapp Adventure (Season 2)… Part 7
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Chidusky (m)
1502548834 ago
If you missed the Part Six (6), read it HERE!!!

after dinner that night, i followed chuks and dan to the prep hall, i got my self busy with my one and only novel “women of owu” i was reading it but truthfully am not understanding anything on that novel at all, because my mind is not thier i was planning on how to go to the mango tree at the back of the school to see my unknown whatsapp chatter, i know you must be thinking why i wanted to take that risk, yes i wanted to take that risk knowing fully well what am going to face if i got caught, but still i really want to know that person whom have me troubling my life, it might be the principal, (i know you would have told me this, if you are around)
i was reading, and also looking around to know when dan and chuks would be focused on their book so that i will sneak out of the hall,, yes i wanted to do it without them, but am not really my self, and am not happy that i did not notify them of it, but i know they would discourage me if i tell them, all they same i know fully well that if i tell them, and insist that i really wanna do it, they will watch my back, but i just have to do it alone,,
not quite long chuks left the table to nowhere, then me and dan alone was on the table, all the students seems to be busy with thier books, i looked at amina side, she was with her friends reading, nobody seems to be less busy, i want to go and ease my self outside, i will be back, i told dan, ok no problem, he replied, i went out immidiatly hopping to return back sooner to avoid suspicious,
when i came out, i first pretended as if i was urinating, then i gently used my eyes to search around for the security mens, so that i will start avoiding them immediately,

but it sees as if it was one of my lucky nights, none of the securities were around,, then i gently took off heading for the back of the school, i was about walking pass the general toilet to enter the dark zone that leeds to the mango tree, when i was two security mens smoking, then i quickly match my brake because i was in a high speed, my leg made a little noise because i matched one of the sticks around, who is that, one of the security man asked as they stood up to come near to were i was,
i quickly hide my self at the back of a big mernina tree around me, who is their, the security man asked again, this time around i was becoming more scared, then the security mans pulled up their gun as they started matching to were i was gently as if they wanted to catch osama bin Laden, as i saw them matching near, more fear took over me, because i taught they must have seen me, who is thier if you dont come out right now i will shoot you, one of the security man ranted, i wanted to give up, i want to come out and beg them, i hope they will understand, but where would i told them that i was going to, by that time of the night,,……
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