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my funny experience on facebook
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donblade (m)
0 year ago
was just minding my business when i saw this status update on Facebook...
''To hair is to human, to forgive is design''..
I was like, ''Hair ke, attachment ni''...
So i became curious and decided to go down to view her timeline...
No be small matter oo... Come see more updates..

*I hate guys with low selves of steam''

*I'm a blessing to my generator''

*My USB charger is no longer walking'',

*Anybody who support killing is a carnival'',

*Love is in the hair. Valentine tins rolling''

*On my way to school, please play for me''

*Finally, I've been admitted into the univasity of sense and technology'',
Hmmmmmm sister... Issorite!!!
I for tell una her name but i don delete her from my friends list

source:- www.laughkillme.com
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