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The GOLD in our LOVE
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captain_sholo (m)
1 year ago
Gold!!! An expensive piece designed to attract an extra love, an extra care, an extra attention to itself having passed through the process of refinement through flames of fire ranging from 650°C to 2000°F. How awesome it is that this piece have gone through so much which no one practically cares about, but at the end, it becomes something we are actually proud to own.
Considering the Goldsmith (GOD), it so much in God's plan to give unto us all that we ask for, all that we hope for, our dreams, our liberation, freedom but it's also in his plan that we use the heat of fire (trials, temptations and tribulations) to build ourselves into a better person. We all want to lose hope at every period of time when things may look tough but it's really a process we are destined to go through.
Our relationship with our loved ones would have glitches, breaks, corners and hitches but they're all factors that have been put in place to make us a better person. They're factors set in place for envy. How beautiful it is seeing two crazy friends jumping the hurdles together, they know there's a Gold behind their trials.
I'd like to put this quote 'so that the proof of your love, being more precious that Gold, which is perishable even though tested through the 3Ts may be found to result in Peace, Happiness and Honour to the revelation of ourselves'.
This means our relationship with God and even our partner is bound to stand the test of humanity, jealousy, emotions but abound, we should stand within it as there's an expensive Gold coming out of our trials. The lost Glory of a relationship has the Grace to be refined into this beautiful piece again, Just give the Goldsmith a greater chance to take charge. It will be tested again, will go through the test of fire again, but the coming out is GOLDEN.

Dedicated to the Broken Homes and Relationships. May it be fixed into perfection once again.

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