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Waec Gce 2017 Geography Obj And Theory Answers – Nov/Dec Expo
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chidusky (m)
1 year ago


(i)Availability of raw materials:In determining the location of an industry, nearness to sources of raw material is of vital importance. Nearness to the sources of raw materials would reduce the cost of production of the industry.
(ii)Availability of Labour:Adequate supply of cheap and skilled labour is necessary for and industry. The attraction of an industry towards labour centres depends on the ratio of labour cost to the total cost of production which Weber calls ‘Labour cost of Index’.
(iii)Proximity to Markets:Access to markets is an important factor which the entrepreneur must take into consideration. Industries producing perishable or bulky commodities which cannot be transported over long distance are generally located in close proximity to markets.
(iv)Transport Facilities:Transport facilities, generally, influence the location of industry. The transportation with its three modes, i.e., water, road, and rail collectively plays an important role.
(v)Power:Another factor influencing the location of an industry is the availability of cheap power. Water, wind, coal, gas, oil and electricity are the chief sources of power.

-Rural-Urban migration
-Urban-Rural migration
-Rural-Rural migration
-Urban-Rural migration

-It brings social voices
-It brings decline in production
-It leads to high cost of living
-It leads to congestion.

-Provisions of social amenities in rural areas
- Provision of food
-Provision of job
-Provision of education.

The Economic Benefits is the improving of time performance and reduces loss and damage, thus reducing economic drag. In other words this is reducing the cost and time for existing passenger and freight movements increase transport’s contribution to economic growth

(i)Shortage of capitalto maintain and establish new railways.
(ii)Old fashioned technologywhich make the railways carry less cargo compared to modern standard gauge
(iii)Poor government policieswhich favour development of roads instead of railways.

(i)availability of capital to maintain and establish new railways.
(ii)New fashioned technology which make the railways carry less car go transport
(iii)availability of government policies to development railways.

-Low rainfall supports growth of short deciduous trees in the north
-High and continuous rainfall give rise to evergreen vegetation
-As rain decreases northwards, density of vegetation decreases


-Air transport has indirectly helped the business to grow at and around the various airport terminals.
-Another contribution of air transport which is closely related to job creation is that it aids mobility of labour.
-Air transport promotes trade and commerce:- The improvement in air transport and communication worldwide has reduced the world to nothing more than a global village and it is bringing about a continuous increase in specialization.

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