Call of Duty 2020: Modern Warfare Remastered – Call of Duty 4: modern warfare

Call of Duty 3 2020: Modern Warfare Remastered – Call of Duty 4: modern warfare

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the first-person shooter game. The game was initially released in November 2011 for Microsoft Windows, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The separate version of the game was initially developed for the Nintendo switch. The game was made to be released worldwide and gained an overwhelmingly positive response. In this article, I’ll discuss the release date, gameplay, update, and all you need to know.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 continues with the final game campaign of Modern Warfare 2 and begins after the final mission. The game is fully centered around Task Force 141, which has many important players like Captain Price, Soap MacTavish, and Yuri these are playable characters available in the game. Delta Force and Special Air Service are the two special forces combine for accomplishing a mission. The mission was to chase Vladimir Makarov, a Russian Terrorist and also a key person in the Russian Ultranationalist party. He carries out many terrorist attacks in and around the countries of Europe. He was also the mastermind working high-level terrorist attack that triggers a massive war between Ultranationalists and friendly forces.


When is the Release Date of Modern Warfare 3?

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 might be released in Fall 2020. There is no official announcement on the Modern Warfare 3 Remastered release date. It’s expected that the development and testing process of the Warefare 3 might take for quite long for some time. Based on the information from reliable sources suggests that development is in progress. The game comes up with many updates and enhanced new features for providing throttling gaming experience. The main architects involved in the creation are Steve Pearce and Steve Eckrich. Due to the increasing popularity and positive response from the gamers, the production has planned to go forward with another updated version of the action game.


Soon after killing General Shepherd, Price and Nikolai were critically wounded, and they were orders to b taken to the Russian loyalist safe-house, which was located in Himachal Pradesh for exclusive treatment. Makarov makes the plan to eliminate then and sends his troops to evacuate the entire place. Meanwhile, the information reached the American Intelligence and planned to stop the attack with their masterplan by destroying the Russian spectrum jamming tower on top of the Wall Street Stock Exchange and also hijacking the Russian submarine which was present in the Bay of New york. this made the Russian forced to surrender and withdraw their troops from the East coast

Team Metal gets the information from Price regarding Alena, who was found hiding in Berlin. Team Metal fails to rescue Alena. They combine with Yuri and Price to take forward the rescue emission to rescue. They get into the Siberian diamond mine along with Metal, Yuri and Price launching a rescue mission. Meanwhile, during the process, Yuri and Metal come to know that Makarov is found around the hotel in Arabian Peninsula by January 2017. They launch a mission to take Makarov into their custody. Meanwhile, Makarov comes to know about the mission and make necessary arrangements to escape being caught by the intelligence.

During the struggle, Makarov gains the upper hand in the battle. Yuri in the plan to pass through get caught and killed by Makarov. Price uses his chance when Makarov got distracted for meanwhile and hangs him in the steel cable. As soon as the police approach, the hotel finds Price smoking a cigar.

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