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Must Read: Uranus (short story)

They are sat next to each other on a wooden bench across the road from the cathedral they were honourable guests in a while...
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Must Read: The Fretful Reverie (short story)

Quarreling, pummeling, smashing objects, screaming. This was my coffee every morning due to lack of love, peace and unity in my divided family. It always began with mama yelling...
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A Night (Not) To Remember (short story)

He patted his thigh, smiled and nodded his head slightlym, making eye contact with her. Simi knew it was an invitation for her to...
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Must Read: The Widow – A Short Story

THE WIDOW   Mrs Ifeyemi razed out of her house, its high time she stops keeping her problems to herself and get help. Her late husband...

Must Read: MY GHOST ENCOUNTER (a Short Story)

Do you believe in ghost?   If I had been asked this question a few days ago, my answer would have been a big NO but...
Inside A Lagos Bus (A short story)

Must Read: Inside A Lagos Bus (A short story)

That morning, the sun stretched across my face and I immediately levered myself out of bed. The clock was striking seven. I dragged myself...

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