Check Out 6 Things You Should Never Do On Your First Date

 6 Things You Should Never Do On Your First Date

First dates are always beautiful and mostly filled with a lot of anxiousness especially when it took you so long to secure the date with the person involved.

Unfortunately, most people mess up the opportunity by allowing themselves to be carried away with things that are not necessary on the d-day.

6 Things you should never do on your first date

#1 Don’t Show Up With an Empty Wallet

Yes, but that is the idea thing. Don’t show up without any cash or debit card on you hoping that your date will foot your bills.

Sometimes some people are left stranded and disappointed when their date is unable to foot their bills which can lead to untold embarrassment.

#2 Dress Neatly and Smart

Do not dress shabbily. You don’t need to have expensive clothes to appear neat and smart, all you need do is to make sure that you dress in clean and ironed clothes.

Take your bath 30-mins to the date and brush or comb your hair to help you look and remain fresh throughout the period of the date.

#3 Never Talk About Your Ex

I am once a victim of this, I was so carried away with the story of my ex that my date had to call my attention to it.

You don’t need to talk about your ex except your partner requests to know. And in this case, you should try as much as possible to keep it short and straight so you don’t dwell so much on it.

#4 Be Considerate When Asked To Place Orders

Most ladies are culprits when it comes to this. Immediately they are giving the go-ahead to place orders for foods and drinks they go ahead to place unimaginable orders, some even go to the extent of requesting for take-away packs for their friends and family.

Be considerate, be fair, and be mature.

#5 Keep Your Mobile Phone Away

Do not allow your mobile phone to take the center stage of the day. These days, couples end up going to out for dates without having any quality conversion because they were glued to their mobile phone throughout the date.

Quiet put away your phone and focus your attention on the date.

#6 Don’t Ask For s__x

This might be very difficult for some people. Requesting for s__x on the first date can send negative signals to your partner.

For the woman it makes you look cheap while for the man it makes you look deceptive desperate.

Take your time to know each other and other things will follow naturally.

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