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Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 10


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
I smiled and watched him as he walked in.
Oscar –
Well, I guess I’m not surprised. A sheep can only behave like its father.
“You wanted to see me?” He asked gruffly as he stood in front of me.
“Yes – you and your worthless parents. Where are they?” I snapped.
“Call them worthless one more time and I’ll feed you with your own tongue” he threatened.
“Oh! Come on, Oscar. What else do you expect me to see them as, huh? For people that killed my parents and shattered my dreams? What else are they to you?
“And you – I knew you were definitely gonna follow the ugly steps of your parents because you’re no different from them! You’re all murderers! Tell me, Oscar. How do you feel knowing your parents actually destroyed my own family?? Are you able to sleep at night?
If yes – then even a monster is better than you’.
Immediately, he landed a heavy slap on my cheek and I winced.
“Your parents got what they deserved. And if you expect me to feel sorry because my parents killed yours, then you’re mistaken” he said icily and I felt my entire system burn with anger.
If not for the fact my hands were tied. I’d have punched him in the face.
“So, what now?” I asked.
“You wanted to know if I’ve seen the lady in the picture. Well, yes – her name is Charlene and she’s the reason I got to know about your parents evil deeds.
“She told me everything that’s happened and believe me, Oscar. I’ll have my revenge” I gritted my teeth and he smirked and pulled me roughly by the hair.
“Really? Let’s see about that” he snarled and pushed me roughly before walking out of the room.
I looked down at my shirt and hoped it was still there.
I hoped the entire thing was working.
Oscar’s Pov;
I walked angrily into the room and kicked the table.
Damn it!!
I reached for my phone and dialed dad’s line and thankfully, he picked at the right time
☎There’s a problem, dad. A very big one. I just interrogated Maxine and she knows everything – the whole truth!” I said bitterly and his breath wavered.
“She…She does?” He stuttered.
“Yes, dad. And as it stands, we simply cant let her go because its only gonna create more problems. She’s definitely gonna expose us and possibly send us to jail”. I told him and he kept muted for a while.
“Dad” I called out since he didn’t say a word.
“What are we to do, Oscar? I’m confused. Do we have to lock her up forever?” He asked, perturbed and I sighed.
“No – we kill her” I replied and ended the call before he’d say anything else.
Well, yes. That was the only option right now – kill and get rid of her.
Noah’s Pov:
I paced restlessly around the room as Charlene dealt with the police.
They were listening to some voice note of Maxine having a conversation with the Oscar guy or whatever.
According to Charlene, she’s given her a chip before she left for school that morning because she suspected they might make an attempt on Maxine since she was missing.
“Okay, this is clear enough” one of the police men said.
“We’ll forward the information right away and set out to the location. Don’t worry, she’ll be fine”.
“How sure are you?” I cut in restlessly.
“How sure are you of getting her back safely?”
“The tracker’s gonna lead us to her. So, that isn’t a problem. Don’t worry, sir. We’ll be on our way now” he replied and left with the others.
Immediately, I turned to Charlene.
“How could you? How could you put her life at risk?” I asked angrily.
“B…But I didn’t. I just…killed two birds with one stone. She was on her way to school and i had q feeling they might go after her. So, I planted the chip on her and decided to use it as our plan B just incase something of such happens. And as you can see, it’s working out” she enthused.
I groaned and sank my fingers into my hair – not knowing who else to get angry with.
Tonight was meant to be my engagement night.
Damn it!
I groaned bitterly and took my car keys from the table, deciding to go with the police as well.
What happens next?
Will the police arrive there on time?🤔🤔
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