Crazy Dancer [Season 2] Her Revenge… Episode 19


Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 19


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
My eyes widened at the mention of that.
A flat tyre?? Under the rain???
Holy Christ!
I rubbed my forehead in nervousness as it was becoming too sweaty.
“Wh….What do we do now? I mean…how do we get out of here?” I asked him and he sighed.
“Stay here. I’ll be back” he replied as he opened the door and walked out.
“Wait…” I tried calling him, but he’d already left.
What is he doing?? Why’s he going under the rain?
I turned to see if I could look at him from the window, but it was clearly impossible because of the darkness.
I panicked.
God! Please, make sure he’s safe.
After a while, I still didn’t hear from him and I became restless and decided to check him out.
I opened the door and left the car and there I found him working on the engines.
Huh? I thought he should be fixing the tyres or something?
“Noah” I called and moved closer to him, feeling a little uncomfortable by the rain.
“Hey, what’re you doing, Maxine? Go stay in the car. You shouldn’t be…”
“I know, but you’ll have to come with me. You can’t be out here” I cut him off, shouting as a result of the sound of the rain.
“Don’t worry, Maxine. Just go. I noticed it wasn’t the tyres. So, I’m trying to fix this” he replied and focused on the engines, and I shook my head and went to stand beside him.
He looked at me and probably wanted to tell me to return to the car again, but suddenly, he restricted himself and focused on the engines.
I wrapped my arms around myself and shivered as the rain poured on me.
“You’re so stubborn Maxine. Come on” he said after a while and grabbed my hand, taking me to the car.
“Huh? I’m not going in unless you are” I replied and fred my hand from his just when he was about pushing me into the car.
“Maxine, come on. You shouldn’t be under the rain” he grouse.
“Yes – and you too. Besides, its late and dangerous staying out here. Let’s go” I argued.
“Gosh! This isn’t the best time for an argument. You might fall sick or something. Just go back to the car and I’ll work on the engines as soon as possible so we can leave this place. Please”.
“Don’t worry, if you’re comfortable staying under the rain, then I am as well. I’ll stay with you and watch you fix the car. I wouldn’t want something to happen to you and your parents would think I’m at fault or something. So…”
Before I could finish up my statement, he charged towards me with the intent of holding me and throwing me into the car, but I was fast enough to notice it and run away from him.
“Maxine!” He called and came after me but I kept running but unfortunately, fell on the floor as a result of my heels and long gown.
Holy Crap!
“Argh!” I groaned and held my knee.
“Hey! Are you okay?” He asked as he rushed to me and held me.
“Aww! This is all your fault! I told you to let me be” I pouted as I touched my knee painfully.
“I’m sorry, but…Oh, God! I’m so sorry”, he apologized and held my leg.
“Um…does it really hurt?” He asked, obviously confused of what to do..
“Of course. Just take me to the car, please” I replied like I wanted to cry and he carried me up immediately and took me to the car.
He laid me at the backseat and I held him tight to prevent him from leaving again.
“I…I don’t think I can stay alone. Please” I whimpered and he stared at me for a while before taking a deep breath and sitting next to me.
“I’m sorry. As soon as we get home, I’ll give you some medications for it” he replied and brought out his phone from his pocket.
He put a call through to one of his drivers – I guess – and asked him to come meet us with a car.
“Isn’t this what you should’ve done a long time ago?” I asked as soon as he ended the call.
“Yeah…I thought there was a way I could make it quicker” he shrugged and snuggled himself next to me.
The pain on the knee had reduced drastically, but I just wanted him to stay in the car.
We remained silent for a long while, the sound of the rain beating against the window glass.
“Noah” I called after a while.
“Who’s Audrey to you?”
Although, the car was dark, I could notice he’d turned and looked at me – uncannily.
I heard him sigh and take his eyes to the ceiling.
“She’s my ex” he said.
“My first date – actually.
“We met in high school, became good friends and fell in love. We dated for quite a long time, but…things didn’t work out anymore. So, we had to split up. She left for Paris and this is the first time I’m seeing her in five years” he concluded and I cogitated on it, building a little silence.
“But…do you still love her?” I asked, unruffled but he didn’t reply immediately.
“Well…whatever happened between us is in the past. She’s my past now – my ex. I don’t love her anymore” he replied and I sat up to sit closer to him.
“Y…You don’t love her anymore?” I asked and he looked at me and nodded.
His eyes gleamed and despite the darkness in the car, I was still able to see his face as he stared into mine.
“If…” I tried speaking out, but paused and sighed.
“If you were asked to chose between us”, I continued.
“Who would it be?”
He stared at me and I saw a smile creep into his face.
“Well…I’d kiss my crazy dancer” he replied and locked his lips on mine and I gasped.
A kiss in the car???


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