Crazy Dancer [Season 2] Her Revenge… Episode 2

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Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 2


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
I looked at her immediately as it gripped my attention.
“Oscar?” I repeated.
That was Richard’s first son. What’s she talking about?
“Yes – Oscar. You know he’s been away for a long time now. But, I just got news that he’s back in the country and I’m pretty sure you’re aware he’s the first son and therefore, the heir to Richard’s wealth.
“Now, this is the plan – you meet up with him as crazy dancer, become very close to him and trick him into wasting his father’s wealth.” She explained.
“Hold on; you want her to befriend her own brother?” Noah asked, alarmed.
“Yes – at least we can be sure she won’t fall in love with him or develop any personal feelings which could jeopardize the plan” she replied and I nodded.
After all, I wasn’t close to Oscar during his stay in the house. He was no different from his sisters.
“So”, she continued.
“You’ll get close to him and trick him into wasting his father’s wealth and that way, we can bring the family down.
“Thank goodness you’re the crazy dancer because this is where your veil will be useful. You must try your best to keep your identity a secret because you’ll be operating with the veil…”
“I’ll go to Oscar with the veil?” I asked, surprised.
“Yes – you’ve already made name with it. The world recognizes you with the veil, Maxine and that’ll be your power point. Factly, it’ll be easier getting to him if you go as the popular veiled dancer. You’ll catch his attention more. So, I think we’re on the right track”.
“So…you really wanna use him as a revenge tool against his family? What if she gets caught in the process? What if he tries to harm her?” Noah asked.
“Harm me?”, I chipped in immediately.
“In what way have they not harmed me? Is it when they took my parents from me? Or when they stole the wealth I was meant to enjoy? Or when they turned me into a slave and punished me day and night even when I did nothing? Huh? What other way have they not harmed me?”
Tears built up in my eyes but I batted it back.
“I’m ready to do it” I turned to Charlene and said.
“I’m ready to do anything just to get my revenge”.
She looked at Noah before looking back at me.
“Okay Maxine. Although, I must say – there might be a little bit of challenge because…Oscar was under a mafia boss before he left for Korea. He used to work for them and now he’s returned, its possible he might still have some connection with them. Hence, he might be dangerous. So, we’ll just have to be careful”.
Yeah – whatever.
“So, now – we’ll be planning your first step which is making you two meet. Are you ready for it?” She asked and I smiled.
“Of course”.
Oscar’s Pov:
I sat in the sitting room with Tammy and Ruby as they kept talking and talking unlimitedly.
Mom and dad were busy in the bedroom and it seems to me like they were having a serious problem but wouldn’t say it out because they kept making numerous calls.
“So, what really happened to Maxine? Why did she leave the house?” I asked after a while.
“Seriously, Oscar. A lot has happened since you left” Tammy replied.
“That lady’s just a green snake in a green grass. Noah just showed up on one morning and took her away. We have no idea what his relationship is with her’ she explained.
“Noah?” I repeated, surprised.
Why would Noah take Maxine away?
“Yes, Oscar. They’re actually living together right now. It pains me so much – I feel like running mad. She…”
Ruby was still talking when my phone awakened with a ring and she paused as I brought it out from my pocket.
What the….???
Holy Sh*t!
I groaned and itched my head as I stood up with the phone.
“Oscar, is there a problem?” Tammy asked.
“No – not at all. I’ll be done shortly” I replied and walked away to receive the call.
Why the f**k is he calling for me?
I got out to the pool side before picking it up.
☎Oscar” he called immediately, sounding like he was high.
☎Boss. Good morning” I itched my head and replied.
☎Yeah – morning, boy. So, Wat’s up? Heard you were back in town?”
☎Yeah – just returned.”
☎Hm. And I couldn’t even get a call from you?”
☎Sorry, I’ve been kinda busy with my family”.
☎Hm. Okay then. So, when are you coming over? I’ve got something important to discuss with you”.
Yeah – like I know.
☎Um…let me say…I’ll come over in the evening”. I replied.
☎Cool, cool. See you then. The boys are waiting”
And he ended the call.
I sighed and sank my fingers into my hair. I really thought there was a way I could be free from him.
I guess I’ll have to go back to my old life style now.


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