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Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 3


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Rex’s Pov:
I walked soberly into the house and met mum in the sitting room, working on her nails.
Her eyes beamed the moment she saw me.
“Rex?” She called, surprised and stood up.
I bent my head and walked towards her and as soon as I got to where she was, I fell into her arms.
“Mum” I whimpered, hugging her tight.
“Hey, Rex; what’s wrong?”
“I’m sorry, mum. I’m sorry for everything. I don’t know what came over me. I’ didn’t know what I was doing. Please mum, forgive me” I wept on her shoulders and she patted me.
“Hey, its okay. I understand. Come on, Rex. Its okay” she rubbed my back as I kept crying.
Oscar’s Pov:
I parked in front of the building and stepped out of the car, feeling tired. I just hope whatever the boss has to say will be quick and short.
“Hey, dude” the boys kept throwing greetings at me as I walked pass them and all I could do was wave at them.
I headed for the boss’ office and after a long walk, I finally arrived and met him having a really good time with a lady.
But they stopped the moment they saw me.
“Oscar! You’re here” he said as he zipped up and pushed the lady aside.
The lady quickly dressed up and rushed out of the room.
“Yeah – Good evening and long time” I replied and he sniggered a “long time indeed”.
“Please,take a seat” he stretched out to the seat across the table and I took it while he took his as well.
“So, did you plan on visiting us anytime soon without being called?” He asked as he reached for a bottle of wine on the table.
“Well…yes. I just…needed some rest for the meantime”
“Hm” he hummed and poured out the drink, handing one of the glass cups to me.
“Anyway, we’ve got an important task at hand and that’s the reason I called.
“A close friend of mine contacted me and complained of his girlfriend betraying him yesterday. According to him, she ran away with some vital information and is likely to reveal that information to the enemy. So, he wants us to capture her and the enemy and I called for you because…I’ll be going on an important journey for now and want you to take over as the boss till I’m back. Can you do It? I’ll be back in just a few days” he enthused and I scoffed.
Like seriously? What the f”*k?
And he’s asking like he can take “no” for an answer.
“Who’s the enemy?” I asked, itching my head.
And his reply got me stunned.
“Your cousin – Maxine”.
Maxine’s Pov:
I stood in front of the mirror, arrayed in my long red gown – ready for the dance competition and my first revenge step as well.
I should’ve Left the house by now, but I couldn’t tell why I just felt weak and continued staring at my own image which was pretty – tho
After a while, the door opened and I looked from the mirror to see it was Noah.
I swallowed hard as I watched him walk in, dressed in suit and probably ready as well.
He came to where I was and stood behind me, bringing out a necklace from his pocket.
I flinched as he lifted it and locked it around my neck and I turned to look at him immediately.
“T…Thanks” I stuttered, a bit surprised about it.
“You’re welcome” he replied in a whisper and inserted his hands into his trouser pockets.
For a moment, we stood speechless, staring at each other and it made me kinda cringe.
“Maxine” he finally called after a while
“Can you drop the revenge plan and let the police handle this issue?”. He asked , making me mute for a while.
For a minute, I was silent
“I’m sorry, but I can’t” I replied and he sighed and bent his head.
I just wanted to make them feel pains.
“I have a feeling it’s going to be risky. Shouldn’t you give it a second thought?” He asked again and I shook my head negatively.
Then, he nodded and started walking out of the room and I watched him.
But, he stopped at the door and looked at me
‘Would you be chanced for dinner tomorrow? I…just feel like treating you out” he said and my eyes beamed.
Isn’t that…like a date??
He stared at me, curious for an answer and I couldn’t help but feel nervous.
“Um…yeah. Of course, I’ll be free” I replied and he smiled and left the room
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