Crazy Dancer [Season 2] Her Revenge… Episode 33


Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 33


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Noah’s Pov:
I woke up after the doctor sedated me and this time around, I felt better.
A whole lot better. My head was calm…and the pains had reduced.
But the fact that Maxine was missing still tormented me to the bones.
I woke up to find just Alexa in the room with me.
“Noah”, she beamed and touched the bed.
“You…you’re awake. How’re you feeling now?”
“Where’s mum?” I asked after a little silence.
“She’s with the doctor while your dad has been with the police. Come on” she said and helped me sit up.
She took a flask on the floor and opened it, revealing some vegetables.
“The doctor said you should eat this” she said as she took a spoon and started feeding me
She took a spoonful of the vegetables and brought it close to my mouth and I slowly collected it.
“What’s the news on Maxine?” I asked hopefully and noticed her countenance changed.
“The um…the police are still working on it and hopefully, she’ll be found soon” she replied and I felt a twinge of pain in my chest.
God! Damn it. How do I find her? I needed to get out of this hospital.
But with the look of things, I’m sure mum must’ve planted guards outside the door to prevent me from leaving.
“Don’t rack your head over it, Noah. It’s not good for your health.
Maxine will be fine and brought home” she said but all I did was stare restlessly. I couldn’t even eat the vegetables again.
Alexa’s Pov:
Gosh! I can’t believe he’s so worried over that low life. Like….what’s so special about her anyway to the point he proposed to her and even went for bridal shopping?
I’ve always tried all I could to be close to him. I almost succeeded. But what happened, huh?
I lost him – lost him within the twinkle of an eye.
I tried feeding him with the vegetables again, but he rejected.
And now, he wouldn’t eat anymore. I just hope that witch is never rescued.
I wish she gets lost forever.
I covered the flask and kept it back on the floor.
“Noah” I called as I stood up and sat next to him on the bed.
“She’ll be fine, okay? Don’t worry about it, please” I assured him but he didn’t say a word and slowly, I placed my head on his shoulder.
Thank goodness he didn’t resist and at that moment, it made me realize what Maxine was trying to take away from me.
Maxine’s Pov:
I felt hungry and weak…debilitated.
How do I escape from here? How can I be sure Noah’s safe?
My heart kept beating rapidly. It was already dark.
Why do I have to be so unfortunate in life?
My parents were taken from me at a tender age, I grew up as a slave in my own parents wealth; and just when I was about finding happiness – this happens.
Tears built up in my eyes as I thought of it. Was I naturally born with badluck?
I was still crying when the door opened and I turned to see it was Ruby.
Oh! Perfect.
I guess I should’ve expected this.
I sniffed and looked up at her as she closed the door silently and came to me.
Definitely, she’s here to have her revenge. Perfect timing.
“Are you here to get back at me – daddy’s girl?” I asked as she squatted in front of me.
She didn’t say a word and surprisingly, she brought out a knife from her dress.
I flinched and tried moving back, but couldn’t.
What are her intentions?
“Sssh” she signalled me not to make a sound and slowly, she brought the knife to the ropes that bounded me and cut them lose.
What’s happening?
“You need to leave, Maxine. Else, you might die in here.
“Right now, the boys are having a meeting and there’d be less guards to avoid.
Go through the window, avoid light and make use of the fence and you’ll be out of the fence. Run as fast as you can and make sure you don’t get caught. Do it quickly, you don’t have much time” she spoke in a husky whisper and my eyes dimmed.
Do you think Ruby is being sincere?
And will Maxine succeed?

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