Crazy Dancer [Season 2] Her Revenge… Episode 34


Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 34


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

(Semi – final)
Maxine’s Pov:
I looked at her in ultimate surprise.
Is she being serious??? I should run away?? Why would she want to help me?
“Come on Maxine, you don’t have much time. Don’t let my efforts go to waste, please” she begged and helped me stand, leading me to the window.
“Here. Jump out and like I said, avoid the lights, walk mostly in the dark and you’ll be successful. Please” she whispered and I looked at her one more time.
“Why’re you doing this?” I asked and she stared back at me.
“Because I feel it’s the right thing” she simply said and urged me to climb the window and I did.
“Thank you”, I muttered.
She nodded and I finally left.
I jumped out the window and stood under the roof, staying in the dark.
I looked around carefully and only spotted one boy moving around – far away. He had a gun with him.
I waited for him to go far away and then I ran to the fence nearby.
I crawled on it and getting to the top, I suddenly heard someone scream:
“Stop right there!!!”
I looked and discovered it was one of the armed guards.
Oh my God!
He charged towards me but luckily, I’d jumped down the fence already and found myself amidst bushes.
Where the hell am I??
I started running as fast as my legs could carry me, struggling with the dry rustling leaves.
I made my way through the bushes and finally bursted out to the roadside.
Oh! Thank goodness! I made it!!
I just hope the boys aren’t close by cause I don’t even know where am.
I continued running and after a while, came across a car and without even a second thought, I ran to the middle of the road, jumping and waving my hands in the air.
I didn’t even care if I could get possibly get knocked down or something. All I could think about was getting help
I jumped hopefully and the driver screeched to a halt immediately with the front door opening.
It was a young woman.
“Hey! What’s wrong with you? Why’re you…” I didn’t let her finish up before I’d ran to her.
“Please, I’m begging you. Take me out of here. They’re after me. Please” I gibbered and saw surprise on her face.
“Hold on…aren’t you…Maxine? The lady that’s missing?” She asked.
“Yes, yes. It’s me. Please, it’s me” I nodded repeatedly.
“Oh my! Come in immediately” she urged and opened the door for me and I jumped in.
She got into the driver’s seat and took off immediately.
“What the hell happened to you? Your pictures are all over the place and everyone has been on the look out for you” she asked as she drove on the speed I wanted.
Very fast.
“I was kidnapped but just managed to escape. Please, do you have any news on Noah Sigmund?” I asked in fear.
“Yes, dear. He was shot and is currently in a hospital”
Oh my God!! Thank goodness he was saved.
“Please, how’s his condition? Is it critical?” I asked restlessly.
“I have no idea. Id only seen it news and have no idea if he’s fine now or not” she replied, making me panic the more.
“Please ma’am. Take me to him. Take me to the hospital” I pleaded.
“Huh? You need to go to the station so….”
“Please, I’ll still be safe there. I just need to see him. Please, ma’am”.
She looked at me and seeing how desperate I was, she agreed.
Ruby’s Pov:
“Damn it!!” I heard Oscar growl from outside the room and I flinched.
He sounded really mad.
Tammy was also in the room with me and looked scared.
“How the f**k did she escape? Did some ghosts just show up in the room and set her free or what?” He asked angrily.
“We don’t know boss. When we were done from the meeting, we’d gone back to the room to check on her but she was nowhere to be found. The ropes were just on the floor and the windows open. The boys are still searching for her” I heard another say and I didn’t hear anything from Oscar again.
The next thing was the door opening and he came in
Gosh! He looked so angry.
“What happened to her?” He asked, looking at me.
I stared at him surprised and he gripped my hand roughly.
“Answer me, Ruby!!” He yelled into my face
“Let me go, Oscar! I didn’t do anything” I shouted back in fear rather and he looked into my face.
“You’ve just messed up the whole thing, Ruby. Every f**king thing!!” He snarled and I shook a little.
Oh God!
He let go of my hand, pushing me roughly and left the room.
“Ruby, did you do it?” Tammy asked in fear but I couldn’t say a word as I busted into tears.
Maxine’s Pov:
The car drove into the hospital building and without hesitation, I jumped out of the car and ran into the reception. I just needed to see Noah.
“I’m looking for Noah Sigmund, please” I told the first nurse I met and they all looked surprised.
They exchanged glances at each other.
“Um…come with me” she replied and started leading me to the room.
The woman that’d helped me was already in and followed us behind.
I felt like flying as I walked with the nurse because I just couldn’t wait to see Noah.
She increased her pace and after many turns and climbing the stairs, she stopped in front of a room.
“That’s his room” she pointed out and immediately, I pushed the door open.
Noah, the name danced in my heart as I caught a sight of him on the bed. But he was sitting with Alexa.
Who’s ready for the final episode???????
My sweethearts???
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