Crazy Dancer [Season 2] Her Revenge… Episode 4

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Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 4


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Oscar’s Pov:
“Maxine?” I repeated with a crumpled look and he nodded.
Hold on. Why the f**k would Maxine be involved??
I scoffed and looked at him.
“Boss, I need to know the truth. Why’s Maxine involved?” I asked and he took in a deep breath and leaned back on his seat.
‘I think you might want to talk to your parents about that” he replied and my eyes dimmed.
I shut him a long stare and stood up and without saying any other word, I left.
I got into my car and drove straight to the house. What the hell is mum and dad hiding? And why’s Maxine involved?
Now, I get why they’ve been looking so worried since I returned. They definitely had something up their sleeves.
I finally got home and barged into the house, ignoring Tammy and Ruby who were looking all dressed up in the room.
“Oscar…” They called but I walked pass them and took the stairs, headed for dad’s room and luckily, I found him there with mum.
“Oscar!” Mom called, a bit startled at my strange entrance.
“Son, what’s wrong?” Dad also asked immediately.
“I need answers, dad. What connection do you have with Maxine?” I
went ahead to ask immediately, being damn curious..
He furrowed his brows and exchanged glances with mum.
“Os…Oscar? What’re you talking about?” Mum stuttered.
“Damn it, mom. You know what I’m talking about. Why are you looking for Maxine? Together with another lady who you’re scared of exposing you? Tell me, mum cause I’m finding it difficult to comprehend what’s going on” I stated impatiently.
“What??” I shrieked and recoiled back in fear.
“You…you what?”
I scoffed and itched my hair.
“Okay…just tell me you’re joking. I mean, this is not true. I mean…you mean you killed Maxine’s parents??”
They stared at each other in silence.
“We had to, Oscar. We’ve explained everything to you, right? We…”
“He’s your brother, dad!” I cut him off.
“You killed your own brother and accumulated his wealth??”
“Well, are you gonna stand there and yell at me or you’ll do something to help? Charlene is out there and there’s every possibility she’s told Maxine everything already. So, we need to act fast!”
I scoffed and backed them, feeling so angry and disappointed.
I mean, I never thought they could do such a thing.
Mum came up to me and placed her hand on my shoulder.
“Oscar’ she called gently
“We’re sorry, okay? We’re sorry everything turned out this way. But, right now, we need a way out of this mess. So please…”
“I need some space” I cut her off and walked away.
💫The A3💫
Alexa’s Pov:
“Come on, girls. Its time” Audrey called from behind as Anna and I stood in front of the mirror, primping ourselves up.
Anna quickly rounded up while I retouched my lips and reached for my purse and the pin.
“Alexa…what’s with that pin? What’s it?” Audrey asked and I rolled my eyes and fixed it into my purse.
“I’m getting the veiled lady evicted from the competition tonight” I said with a smile and walked out.
“Alexa? Alexa?” They kept calling behind me till I had gotten to the car and stepped in.
“Hey! What is your plan???” Audrey asked curiously and I took in a deep breath and brought out the tiny pin from my purse, holding it carefully.
“Well…it’s been poisoned and I plan on injecting the veiled lady with it and as soon as that happens, she’ll start feeling drunk” I enthused and their eyes widened in shock.
“Woahhhh. Like seriously??” Anna asked, gobsmacked.
“Yes, girlfriend. And with this, I bet she wouldn’t be able to perform while she’s drunk” I replied with a smirk.
Maxine’s Pov:
I sat calmly in the car as we drove into the crowded building and parked at the extreme, away from the crowd.
I stepped out and being guarded, I followed the passage to where the rest of the contestants were – making sure my veil was still on.
I got into the big hall and met them there and oh! They weren’t as much as they were before.
I guess that’s because a lot of them were evicted the last time.
As expected, all eyes rotated around me as I walked in and stood behind. I could clearly hear the crowd cheering from the other side of the curtains.
‘Hi dear” a lady beside me said and I turned to give her a stare.
“Hi”,I smiled and took my eyes away.
Well, I wasn’t ready to get familiar with anyone.
Immediately, three set of ladies showed up.
The A3.
They walked stylishly to where I was and stood in front of me.
“Hi pretty” Alexa beamed and Anna chuckled.
“Pretty? You haven’t seen her face, have you?” She asked and they cracked.
Okay; what the hell now?
“Is there a problem?” I asked, thankful my veil was protecting me.
“Oh! Of course, not dear. Just wanted to say hi” Alexa replied and tried touching my hair, but I moved back and in the process of bringing down her hand, she touched mine and I felt something like a needle prickle my skin.
I winced a little and looked at her and she gasped.
“Oh my! I’m so sorry, dear. It was my nails” she apologized immediately and I arched my brows in surprise.
Like seriously?
“I’m really sorry” she said again..
“Yeah…its fine. Its okay” replied uncomfortably and she smiled and walked away.
Awwn. What happens to our poor Maxine now?


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