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Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 5


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
I looked at my hand and thankfully, there was no mark or blood stain. I wonder why her nails were that sharp.
After a while, the event started.
The first contestant was called out to perform and I got litted.
But suddenly, I started feeling funny.
I itched my eyes as I got a weird feeling and when I opened my eyes, the entire place was going round in circles that I felt like falling. It was more like…I was drunk.
Huh? What’s going on??
“Hey, are you alright?” The lady beside me asked and I quickly reached for a table and leaned on it.
Oh my God! What’s happening? Why am I suddenly feeling drunk?
What the hell happened?
I shut my eyes and tried calming the whole thing down, but it wasn’t working and as time went on, more contestants were being called.
Holy Crap! I’m doomed.
“The veiled dancer” I heard my name repeatedly and forced my eyes open.
Oh my! Everybody in the hall was staring at me
Oh! Please, don’t tell me its my turn.
Someone tapped me immediately.
“Hey, are you alright?” She asked calmly and I nodded and struggled to leave the table.
One of the organizers rushed to me immediately.
“Hey, miss. What’s wrong? Is there a problem?” She asked, concerned and tried touching my shoulder, but I moved back, scared of my veil.
“Um…you’re being called on stage. Everyone’s waiting” she further said and I squeezed my eyes tight and opened them again, taking a deep breath afterwards.
“O…okay”,I stuttered with a deep gulp and started walking out of the hall, headed for the red curtains.
Alexa’s Pov:
I smiled scornfully as I watched her leave the hall with staggering steps.
“You’re such a bad ass, Alexa” Anna whispered to me and I chuckled.
Well, I can be whatever you want me to be.
After she left the hall,I continued watching her from the big screen TV as she stood on stage, in front of the crowd, not moving..
The foolish people kept cheering for her and it made me more eager to watch how she’d be disgraced.
Soon, the music came up and I crossed my hands with a huff and awaited the drama.
I noticed she was stalling and a smile crept into my face because It seemed she was obviously stuck.
The ovation from the crowd was beginning to die down as she hesitated to make a move – irrespective of the fact that the song was already playing.
Suddenly, it struck at me like lightning when I noticed her move.
Although, she staggered a bit but took another step and my eyes widened in shock.
Gradually, she started adjusting to the beat and although, she still seemed drunk, she made use of a different dancing step.
What the hell is this?
“What’s going on?” Anna asked from where she stood beside me, but I couldn’t even stare her a spare as I was too dumbfounded to speak.
I kept watching as the veiled lady danced strangely, litting the stage again and making the crowd cheer louder.
Holy Christ!
What the f*”k is happening?
Maxine’s Pov:
I found myself laughing during the dance. I mean, I couldn’t understand what was happening. I felt funny and dizzy but just had to dance.
Uncountably, I almost tripped and fell but used a step to cover up and thankfully, I was able to soar to the end of the music.
I laughed as I concluded the last part of the dance and the ovation from the crowd got me amused.
I bowed and turned around, headed back to the hall and unable to control my staggering steps.
I got back in and the rest of the contestants were looking at me.
Well, whatever. I guess I’m done here.
I placed my both hands at akimbo and started walking out of the hall and just then, daddy’s little witch showed up..
“Hey! Excuse me’ she called as she ran after me and I stopped to look at her.
Holy Molly! I actually forgot about my little plan.
I belched a little and wondered why she called my attention. She was looking as assy as ever.
“Yes? How can I help you?” I asked coldly, trying to control the tone of my voice.
“Um..I’m Tammy and…I just wanted to tell you..I like you a lot. You’re an amazing dancer and I love that about you” she replied, making me surprised.
I smiled and stood to face her properly.
Damn this drunken state!
“Really?” I asked and she sheepishly nodded happily.
“You like me? Yet you dance like a peacock? Haven’t you learnt anything from me yet? Are you such a dummy?” I jibed and hit her head and she flinched.
“Whatever” I added in a mutter and finally walked out, ignoring the fact that I just sabotaged the first and most important part of the plan.
Oh! Damn, I needed to get home.
Rex’s Pov:.
I sat impatiently in the car, my eyes fixed on the gate the entire time.
Where the hell was she? She just finished performing on stage a while ago, right? Was taking her so long?
I kept watching keenly and finally, I saw her car driving out.
The veiled dancer.
I smiled as I confirmed she was really the one and without further hesitation, I started my own car and started trailing after.
Today, I’m determined to know who her identity – who she Is and where she lives.
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