Crazy Dancer [Season 2] Her Revenge… Episode 6

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Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 6


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
i kept belching in the car as the driver drove on a high speed..
Holy Crap! Now I was beginning to feel the heavy effect of whatever I was feeling.
My head kept hitting the window many times as a result of the strong dizziness I felt. It was more like…I was completely drunk!
After what seemed like forever – to me – the car came to a stop and I looked through the window to see we were at the same spot where Noah was waiting for me.
I laughed as I opened the door and stepped out of the car. The guards watched in amusement as I staggered to Noah’s car, opened the door and jumped in.
“Noah!” I laughed and fell on him as soon as I got into the car.
He was no doubt, gob smacked as he lifted me up from his chest.
“Maxine?” He called in a shocked tone and I laughed again and hugged him.
I wouldn’t deny it – I felt stupid.
Noah’s Pov:
I was muddled at her reaction. What the hell’s wrong with her?
I tried pulling her away but she laughed and hugged me again.
What is wrong with her? Hold on; is she drunk or what?
I popped my head out of the window to look at the men she had come with.
“Hey, what happened to her?” I asked audible.
“We have no idea, sir” they replied and I took my head back into the car.
She seemed really drunk and dizzy as she rested her head on my chest.
“Hurry up, let’s go” I told the driver and he started the car and took off.
She kept acting funny in the car – saying things I couldn’t comprehend.
I shook my head and held her more to my chest. I wonder what happened to her. I just hope she’s fine.
After a long ride, we got home and I tapped her to get out of the car, but it was a big problem.
“Maxine…Maxine” I called repeatedly but she didn’t leave my chest.
What the hell??
I had watched the whole thing from my tablet and she had performed really well on stage. So, what the hell happened? Why’s she suddenly drunk?
“Maxine, we’re home” I told her again, and she hummed and sat up.
“We’re home?” She finally asked as soon as I nodded, she laid back on my chest again.
What the…
I shook my head and opened the door and after which, dragged her out of the car with me.
“Ohhh! Where are you taking me??” She whined like a baby as I dragged her out and as soon as her feet were on the floor, I carried her up in my arms and started marching towards the house.
“Awwn!” She giggled, obviously enjoying it.
Geez! I’m seriously confused. Why did she end up drunk? And where did she even get a drink?
I walked pass the sitting room,taking her straight to her room and as soon as we got in, she jumped down and ran into the toilet.
“Maxine?” I called and ran after her and there I met her throwing up.
What the…?
“Maxine?” I drew closer to her and held her.
“What’s wrong with you?”
She chuckled and faced me.
“You…” She laughed.
“You’re what’s wrong with Me’.
I arched my brows and scoffed and she laughed again.
She turned back to the washbasin and washed her mouth and after which, almost fell to the floor, but I was quick enough to catch her.
“Where did you get a drink?” I asked and she rolled her eyes and pulled my nose.
She started walking away and I assisted her so she wouldn’t trip again.
I really couldn’t wait for this craziness to flush out of her system so she can explain everything to me.
We returned to the room and she fell on the bed immediately.
“Um…are you hungry?” I asked her, still standing.
“Yes! I’m hungry for love” she replied and belched loudly.
There’s probably no way she’d be able to eat in this state.
I shook my head and tried walking away, but she held me suddenly by the hand and drew me back.
I fell on the bed and had almost sat on her head.
‘Maxine!” I called in shock and she laughed.
‘Come on. Noah. Stay here for a while. When you were sick, I did same for you, right?” She said with her eyes closed and belched.
“You’re not sick,Maxine. You’re drunk” I rolled my eyes and stood up.
Her condition was alarming. I mean, she doesn’t look like one who drinks.
My phone started ringing immediately and I checked to see it was dad.
Urgh! Why do I have a feeling I know why he’s calling already?
I walked out of the room before answering the call.
“Noah”, he called calmly.
“Good evening, dad” I said with a sigh
“Yeah – evening. What’s wrong, Noah? I haven’t heard from you in…”
“Yeah, yeah. I know. I’ve been busy” I replied, tiredly, not wanting to talk about it.
“You told me you’ll be coming to the house like I requested. What happened?” He asked and I rolled my eyes.
I can’t believe he’s still on that Rex stuff.
“Don’t worry, dad. I’ll be home soon” I replied and he didn’t say a word for a while.
“Noah” he called.
“Your two weeks is almost over and I’m damn serious. Have you gotten a wife?” He asked and I itched my head.
Oh! That.
I sighed and turned around.
‘Don’t worry, dad. I’ll be coming home with her – a day after tomorrow” I replied and felt him beam.
“You…you finally have someone?” He asked and I nodded like he could see me.
“Wow! That’s great news, son. Good job” he chuckled and I smiled.
“Okay, then. I’ll be awaiting your arrival. Bye”
“Okay, dad. Bye”, I replied and dropped the call.
I guess I’m sure of this.
Rex’s Pov:
“Damn it” I cursed and hit the sterling as the stupid truck blocked my way.
I gritted my teeth and wished I possessed magical powers so I could uplift it from the ground immediately.
“Get the fk outta the way!” I yelled like he could hear me.
Damn it! Why did he have to disrupt me just when the veiled lady’s car had passed?
After a while, the truck was finally out of the way and I zoomed off immediately, but of course, there was no trace of her car again.
k!!!” I cursed and hit the sterling again as I parked the car.
What sort of bad luck is this, huh?
I placed my head on the sterling for a while, breathing heavily.
I couldn’t believe I just missed another rare opportunity. Why does this keep happening, huh? Why???
I lifted my head from the sterling – painfully – and was about starting the car when I saw something that gripped my attention.
There was a mall in front of me and I saw a lady walking out of it.
“Audrey?” I called faintly, surprised by the sight.
What Is…what is she doing here? I mean…I thought she was…
I scoffed and watched with keen interest as she walked stylishly to car.
Hold on!
She had a child with her.
Hm. Who’s Audrey?🤔


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